Beach Hut Hire Management


Whatever reason you have, your now at the point that you'd like to hire out your beach hut.  But how?

I know from experience that it's an easy thing to say out loud.  And it is.  It takes five minutes to set up a facebook page and announce that you have a beach hut for hire. You could even pop it on a couple of beach hut hire websites. 

But what about pricing, taking payments, tracking bookings, dealing with calls and emails and being around to meet and greet guests. Insurance, decor, websites and marketing.  The list grows.   Some people may enjoy this but if you have one beach hut then the time taking up with all these activities, can far outweigh the income received. 

That's where our Beach Hut Hire Management comes in.  

With two 'sell-out' years and five beach hut renovations under my belt, I know what works.

I've invested heavily in our processes (well I am an ex-accountant), to ensure that our customers receive the best online experience and from the point of finding our website to arriving at a beach hut, they have a Millie’s Beach Hut experience. I also have Virtual Assistant support in place to provide cover 365 days a year 24x7 so we never miss a call, text or message.   

We have loyal guests.  20% of our bookings come from guests who book 3 or more times a year and return year after year.   They are so loyal that we have our own Millie's Beach Hut Club where our members pay a monthly fee to receive a set number of days per year.  I did say our guests were special!

With beach huts shortlisted in the Top Ten Beach Hut of the Year and national press coverage, our marketing efforts are being rewarded.   Winning the Content Marketing Outstanding Achievement Award in January 2017, reflected the progress we've made in this area.   Our marketing is truly unrivalled both in beach hut hire but also amongst our small business peers.  

National Coverage

We have the ability to provide our service wherever you are. We'll target your location with specific marketing tailored to the area during your launch and ongoing. This includes 'what's on' blog features and specific social media advertising.

Unrivalled Marketing

We know that customers often choose the top results on search engines. That's why we work hard to maintain our strong online presence, with our key terms ranking first plus an active online presence across all social media platforms all year round.

The Best Bookings

With a one-off set up fee, you then don't pay anything until you receive your first booking. We set prices based on local demand and the specification of your beach hut and constantly review performance to deliver you the highest possible revenue.

An Easier Life

We take care of everything, from managing bookings to posting directions to guests. No need to wait for payments either. These are made monthly at the point of receiving a booking. We can also help you design and prepare your beach hut hire.

Book A Phone Call

Whether you are ready to go or want to make sure it's right for you, lets chat! You can give us a call on 07881 285816 or click below to schedule a call at a time that's convenient to you.


You know what's its like, it's the middle of the night and you suddenly think of another question.  That's not just me, is it? 

From how much does it cost, what income you can earn, to what makes us qualified to look after your beach hut hire, it's important that I answer those for you.  So, I've spent a lot of time, bringing together the answers to all of those questions, plus more, in this downloadable eBook. 

You may spot a LOT of beach hut photos in there too.   I have a funny feeling we all appreciate a good beach hut related photo!?!?

You can download in just one click and no need to provide your email. 


Beach Hut Hire Management Ebook
Click to download and have all those tricky questions answered



I'm currently working on three new beach huts for the 2017 season, which will be managing on behalf of other beach hut owners.  If you'd like to be the first to have access to our new service and receive a copy of our FAQ eBook, then just pop your details in below.

Note that we'll only send you details of beach hut owner free courses and managed services!  No spam from us ;0)