Styling Advice for Beach Hut Owners

With the normal beach hut measuring just 12ft x 8ft, it's amazing how hard it can be to decide on both contents and style.

We want to open our huts and be 'wowed' each time and so spend time, effort and money trying to achieve that. We also want to ensure they are not only practical but they reflect our own personalities too. 

For some people, spending hours developing mood boards, trying diff layouts and accessories and trailing the shops, is bliss! I know, because I'm one of them and I've loved every minute of renovating and styling 5 beach huts over the last two years.  2 of these went on to become Towergate Beach Hut of the Year finalists. 

But what if this isn't your idea of heaven.  What if instead, you are thinking that:

  • You don't have the time to spend hours finding the right items at the right price
  • You want to ensure your beach hut is styled in a way to maximise your ability to hire it out
  • Beach Huts are expensive so you've already spent a lot of money and your budget is now limited
  • You have a blank canvas but don't know how to start
  • You don't know how to create a mood board to aid with styling
  • You feel you can't afford to get it wrong. You are worried about wasting both time and money 
  • You are at the point where your current decor doesn't make you happy when you open those doors. 


If this sounds like you, then I can understand that and have been there with all 5 of my own beach hut renovations.  BUT and it's a big BUT.  It is possible and that's where our beach hut styling advice can aid.



How Does It Work?

Pre-Call Work

You'll complete an upfront questionnaire and I'll ask you to send me as many pictures as you can of your current hut. I'll need both exterior and interior photo's and as many as possible. A video would be fab but don't forget measurements too.

The Initial Call

We'll spend 30-40 minutes by Skype or Zoom. This will help me get to know you and what you are looking to get from you beach huts decor including those all important practicalities like how you plan to use it! We'll record the call for you to keep.

Pulling it Together

I'll then take some time to research what will work best for your style and the hut itself. This will include the creation of a mood board, which purchases to prioritise. I'll also pull together a content/style checklist and Pinterest board too.

Advice & Guidance

I'll send you via email a mood board and Pinterest Board which you can use for future reference along with a completed recommended contents list. You'll also receive a video recording with bespoke guidance tailored to your beach hut.

Download our Style Questionaire

Get a head start and have a look over the questionnaire which you'll complete pre our first call.

How Much Does It Cost?


You can receive bespoke styling advice for £149.   You can pay this as a one-off payment or split it over two or three instalments of £75 or £50.  Just click on any of the blue buttons below to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions


If I pay by instalments, when do we start? Do I have to wait until all payments are made?

Of course not. As soon as the first payment has been made, we can get started.   We can get going with the initial call and research.   Your mood boards, video and all of the outputs will then be delivered once the final payment has cleared. If you are in a rush then I'd recommend choosing the one-off payment plan.


How do I pay?

For simplicity and to enable the option to pay in instalments,  I use a service called Go-Cardless.  This operates on a direct debit basis via a bank account of your choice.


If I take an instalment option to pay, when will the payments be taken?

The first payment is normally taken 2-3 days post sign up.   Subsequent payment will be taken on the anniversary of that date over the 2 or 3 instalment option that you've chosen.


You mentioned or call will be by Zoom or Skype.  What are they?

Don't worry if you aren't sure what these are or used before.  They are simple and easy to use ways that we can chat via a video call. It's always nice to see who we are talking to.  

I can show you how to set up and use or our fall back option would be to use the good old dog and bone.


How long will it take you to provide the outputs after our call?

This will all depend on current workloads, however, the maximum time will be two weeks after the call.  Enough time to research properly without jeopardising the quality of the styling advice.


Can you also order/buy the items and also decorate our beach hut?

I'd love to!!! This is how I'd spend every day if I could.  However, logistics make it very difficult to do so (sad face!).

I have however undertaken this for owners who are hiring out their hut via our Beach Hut Hire Management for a fee.  Do book in a free no-obligation call if you'd like to discuss and I can provide a tailored quote (see bleow).


What exactly will I receive?

At the end of the process, you'll receive:

  • A mood board for you to refer to when decorating your beach hut
  • A Pinterest Board of styles, layouts and associated products.  Again helpful to refer to.
  • How to maximise what you already have in terms of content and style
  • Where you should prioritise your spending and any items that can be de-prioritised
  • If considering hiring, how to ensure your decor has maximum impact to 'wow' your guests
  • A 'checklist' of contents for your beach hut with estimated prices.  This will include specific recommendations for you for key items along with basics such as a kettle!


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