Meet our Beach Hut Hire Owners: Julie, owner of The Glasshouse

Ever wondered who the owner is behind our beach huts? While I own three of the beach huts that we have for hire, we work with a number of owners both on styling and managing their beach hut hire.  But who are they? why did they buy a beach hut and what inspired their decor?

In this series of blog posts, we’ll get to know each of the individuals behind these gorgeous beach huts (biased?? Never!).

Today we are talking to Julie Hayward. As well as running her own business (Balloon Baboon) she is also the co-author of The Small Business Jigsaw: How To Plan, Grow, And Love Your Business.  But today, it’s all about her beach hut The Glasshouse, which you can find in Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex.


Beach Hut Hire Owners - Julie The Glasshouse Walton on the Naze Essex
In Julie’s own words “Me and My Poor Long Suffering Brother” ;0)


Meet our Beach Hut Hire Owner: Julie, Owner of The Glasshouse

Let’s get started with a few quick-fire questions (just for fun!):

  • Coffee or tea? Depends on whether I am feeling feisty (coffee) or lazy (tea)
  • Winter or summer? Summer
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs
  • Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
  • Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert


What made you want to purchase a beach hut in Walton-on-the-Naze and how long have you owned it for?

We already owned a beach hut on a private development and were looking for a peaceful plot for our new Boutique Beach Hut.  I knew that finding one away from the front row with its own decking was a must.

We bought The Glasshouse (D105) on the fourth tier in 2015 after months of searching for the ‘right one’.  I knew that once it had been renovated, we could transform it into one of the most glamorous beach huts in Walton, if not the UK.


Beach Hut Hire Walton on the Naze The Glasshouse Millie's Beach Huts


Can you tell us a bit more about The Glasshouse?

The Glasshouse is on the top tier in Walton and for good reason. We set out to create a peaceful haven away from the hubbub of the promenade (prom) so that you could sit back, relax and snooze the afternoon away. You might want to enjoy a good book or take time out with a bottle of wine and a few friends.

The Glasshouse is about spoiling yourself and recharging your batteries, not running around. A  complete indulgent treat – just for you!

That has always been our inspiration, we want our guests to feel like they have had a unique experience in the most decadent surroundings possible. We wanted to offer something completely different. We commissioned bespoke wood panelling and continued the effect with crystal lights, vintage furniture and china.

To finish the hut off we just had to include french doors so that whatever the weather you could snuggle down in splendour and look out over the sea.  These were an absolute must and mean that we get great light inside the hut regardless of our great British weather.

My favourite piece in The Glasshouse is the vintage cabinet which we use as our kitchen area. It’s beautiful.


Beach Hut Hire Walton on the Naze The Glasshouse Millie's Beach Huts


Can you share your ‘love affair’ with beach huts and your fondest memories with your beach hut?

Beach huts for me are all about recharging your batteries. Visiting your beach hut should feel like a real treat, a reward for all the running around you’ve done during the week. To me, it is the perfect way to spoil yourself.

Peace, quiet and something you look forward to even if you can only get there for a couple of hours.

I have to pinch myself every time I go to The Glasshouse to remind myself that it really is mine. The hard work and investment have been tough going at times but it’s been worth it.


Are you looking forward to the summer months?  What’s the best bit of a beach hut day?

>I think that first cup of tea once you arrive, unlock and settle yourself is the best bit of the day.

Once you sit down with that cuppa you know that the rest of a relaxing day is just stretching out ahead and it’s all yours to enjoy.


Do you visit your beach hut all year round?

Absolutely. In fact the beach hut can be very warm even in the winter.

With the french doors, I get to sit and watch the waves during the winter with a lovely hot choc and piece of cake. Curling up with a good book and seeing and hearing the force of the sea is lovely.

In some ways, I enjoy it more than the summer.


Beach Hut Hire Walton on the Naze The Glasshouse Millie's Beach Huts
Of all the beach huts we have for hire in Walton-on-the-Naze, The Glasshouse has the largest decking area.


If you could invite anyone to spend a day with you in your hut, who would it be?

My Mum and Dad. They live abroad and I don’t get to see them anywhere near enough.


What made you decide to hire out your beach hut?

I just can’t get to it often enough and love the thought of other people getting as much enjoyment and relaxation from The Glasshouse as I do.

It is so unique that it feels wrong leaving it locked up when people could be using it and coming home with some incredible memories.


You can find more photos and check availability by clicking HERE


Beach Hut Hire Walton on the Naze The Glasshouse Millie's Beach Huts


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