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So, I'm not called Millie! Yep, that was a bit of surprise, wasn't it??  Though as you may have gathered from the photograph, that little four-legged friend of mine is called Millie.

She's the real brains behind the business (but don't let her know that I said that.  She gets away with a lot as it is!).

Me?  We'll I'm a beach hut owner, a qualified accountant and in October 2016, I became a full-time entrepreneur. It still feels strange saying that.

"How do you manage to fit it all in" is the most common question I'm asked. But well, planning and organisation is my forte. They help.  A LOT! Particularly when managing over 1,000 beach hut hire bookings each year.   But along with my 'geek' like obsession for simplifying processes and making things easier to do, I’m passionate about people, and even more passionate about finding ways to make their lives better. Inequality and unfairness riles me. I may even have a rant occasionally on these subjects!

I believe that no matter what is going on your life, whether you are seeking solitude or celebration that everyone deserves to experience a beach life.  I want to tear down the 'elitist' view of beach huts and make them accessible to all.

Whether you just want to escape for a day or need help with recouping those running costs for your own beach hut,   I can help.

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2016 Beach Hut of The Year Finalist
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