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How it All Began...

Have you ever experienced the feeling of complete exhaustion? Whether that be from work, late nights and early mornings, or the general stresses of day to day commitments? I’m sure you have at some point.

That was me. In September 2014, I’d spent three months working away from home and had been completely head down on a contracting job. It had been quite the year, on the personal front, and all the signs were there that I really needed a break.

One day I snatched up a cancellation and booked a beach hut hire in Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex. I completely fell in love. It was an Indian Summer, I spent the day in shorts with a good book, and Millie (my Springer Spaniel) had a blast with a day at the seaside.

Little did I know that I’d also end the day buying a beach hut. Some would say call me crazy, others would say I was being spontaneous – I think there may be a little truth in both!

The Millie’s Beach Huts Journey had officially started.

Hellooo! I'm Vicky

After spending 15 years of my career as an accountant, I packed it all in and went out on my own with Millie's Beach Huts.

I welcomed Lucy and her gorgeous family as our first guests in March 2015. I’m so lucky that she captured her day in her blog and has returned several times over the years since then. A permanent reminder of how special that day was, both for myself but also the joy that a day at the beach brings.

That’s why I do this.

It’s a little bit of self-indulgence to book a day in one of my beach huts. I wanted to create an environment where your day felt special in every way. You are worth it and don’t need to wait for your next holiday to feel that way.

But the Real Star is Millie.

She loves the water and the beach – some may say she’s obsessed! Energetic, loyal and loving doesn’t quite do her justice.

She is, of course, my gorgeous English Springer Spaniel. In lots of ways, Millie has changed so much of my life. They say a dog can save you but I’d say Millie has saved me again and again. When things have been tough she has been there, dragging me back out into the world and when things are going well, she’s my favourite companion.

She’s recently been joined by a sister Hope, a fearless Sprocker. Who knows what the two of them will influence me to do next!

So Where Are We Now?

Since beginning this journey of beach hut management in 2015, I've looked after my own and other owners' huts, and it's been quite the rollercoaster!

Right now it feels as if we are just starting the next part of our journey. If I could grab a paintbrush and paint every brown beach hut that I see, I would!

I’ve learnt so much through the highs and lows. It’s now time to help other beach hut owners who are trying to do the same. Beach Huts may be traditional in style, but it’s about time, they were stylish, affordable and more accessible to us all. I want to help other owners create the same loved, happy spaces for you to enjoy.

By choosing to create this life, it involved making a huge decision to walk away from my full-time job as an accountant. It was a little scary but also allows me to fulfil my dreams, whilst helping others create their own.

One day, no matter what beach I’m on, I’ll be able to see a family opening up their beach hut for the day and see another little human let out a little squeal of excitement. Those are the moments I cherish. And while it may take a little time and need a little bit of magic, I know together, we’ll get there.

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