I don't know about you but I'm desperate for some beach hut time!!! Aren't you?  

Those Lockdowns have been TOUGH!! 

However easy it would be to rush into opening up our books for 2021 and let future plans comments, we've taken the winter to think long and hard and ensure we learn from 2020.

Yep, it would be super simple to just say we'd refund if government restrictions are in place by the time your booking comes around... but both you and I know that we'll both be more than disappointed if we have to make that call to cancel.  And for us, that is part of the whole beach hut experience.  Booking and pre-arrival are just as important as the day itself. 

Last year we saw milestone birthdays impacted by tier changes where families were no longer allowed to get together. Children's birthdays were spoiled as lockdowns stopped all non-essential travel. And each and every cancellation felt personal and heart-breaking for us.

We often couldn't then rebook cancellations due to our diary being full .. double heartbreak!

So for 2021, we taking things very carefully but can confirm that we are now opening up our Beach Huts for hire in April and May.



If you're planning to visit us later in the year, for now, have a nosy around our site, get to know us and our beach huts, read our FAQs (below) and make sure you join our email list to get access to those dates as soon as they go on sale.

BUT don't forget, while we may be trying to be as patient as possible - we really CANNOT wait to see you back on the beach and our huts full of new memories! 

 Beach Hut Hire - What Is It and How Much Does It Cost?

If you have just discovered beach huts or that you actually hire them - then you might be wondering what on earth it is!

Our Prices

Whenever I’m looking at ideas for a day out, the total cost of the day is always one of the first questions I have. I shouldn't be surprised that the cost of a beach hut hire is, therefore, one of the first questions you ask too!

So here's a run down of our pricing for 2021.


Beach Hut Hire - Where To Find Us

Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex

A peaceful and quintessentially traditional British seaside resort, Walton is great for a family day out with a beautiful Blue Flag Award beach. Walton is one of my own favourite fine sandy beaches, perfect consistency for building sandcastles, and wonderfully soft thanks to the sea which reaches the sea walls during high tide.

With great stretches of sand in both directions from the second longest pier in Great Britain, Walton is a great family beach. The gently shelving sand provides safe bathing and there is a seasonal lifeguard service.

Walton-on-the-Naze’s beach is also nice and easy to get to. There is plenty of parking nearby and the town’s train station is practically on the beach, just 90 minutes from London Liverpool Street. You can always extend your trip and book a nearby B&B.

There are two distinctly separate beach hut developments in Walton-on-the-Naze, both of which we have beach huts for hire:
EASTCLIFF (to right of the Pier - around 10-15 min walk) and SOUTHCLIFF (next to the Pier).

Just click on each palm tree to view location of our beach huts (n.b Mickey and Minnie are adjacent to each other in Eastcliff).



The most well known of the two beaches, many tourists and holidaymakers tend to spend their time around Southcliff Beach due to it's the vicinity to the train station, cark parks and pier. Four rows (and in some places five) of beach huts ranging in number from 1 up to the 200 and then an additional private development of around 120 beach huts. Yep Southcliff wins the size war with circa 500-600 beach huts (at least!) with a busy, buzzing promenade on those hot summer days. Beach Huts - Harley, Hope, Seas The Moment, Sunnysands, Rosie Posie
Click to Find Out More About Our Southcliff Beach Huts


This section of beach in Walton-on-the-Naze mainly consists of just one row of beach huts and a small section where there is a row of two huts. This part of the beach and up towards the Naze Tower generates lots of excitement with some of the largest sharks’ teeth in the UK (including the rare Carcharocles megalodon) being found here! A calmer, quieter beach to get away from the noise and buzz of the Pier and Walton Promenade. Beach Huts - Loopy Lou, Mickey and Minnie
Click to Find Out More About Our Eastcliff Beach Huts

Beach Hut Hire - FAQs

If 2020 taught us anything, it was to try not to plan too far ahead or become rigid about dates.
However with the changes announced for the 12th April we are now opening up April and May Dates for bookings.
Please do make sure you are signed up to our email list HERE to be the first to find out about further date releases.
I'd love to be able to respond individually and provide a super tailored booking experience but we have several huts and therefore normally take over 1000 bookings per year.
As you can imagine, by the time we'd gone through them all individually, a date or hut availability would have changed which is why we ONLY accept bookings via our secure website (SSL certified).
The best way to also be informed about release dates is to join our email list - we always email out first, particularly given the change in social media algorithms! You can sign up HERE.

Following the roadmap update provided by the governments, we are certain no bookings will take place prior to the 12th April.

In addition, given lockdown restrictions, we have been delayed in carrying out essential maintenance work so there may be a little in delay in opening an few of our beach huts.

Any bookings that were impacted had already been contacted and at present, we don't see any further impact to those bookings already made.

I'm afraid we no longer hire out any beach huts in Felixstowe.

Taking into account the fact that we have held our prices for over 4 years and that several huts have had major renovations, we have revised our full pricing structure for 2021.
In additon we have made the following changes:
- we will be closed between  November and March each year
- we have revised our peak and off peak rates to allow for a lower midweek price during the summer months (non school holidays).
- all beach huts now have their own individual pricing to reflect location and latest renovations/styling.
If you have a gift voucher that expired while our booking systems have been closed then don’t worry. Any with an expired date post 1st October 2020 will be extended to 30th June 2021.
All bookings must be made online once we reopen but for now, feel free to pop me a message (vicky@milliesbeachhuts.co.uk) with your gift voucher code, name of purchased and expiry date and we will make sure it’s all updated!
We are still not selling any new gift vouchers - apols already for Mother’s Day!
Why? Well
1. Our pricing is changing but also;
2. Given demand we don’t want anyone buying vouchers then struggling to actually book a date with us this year.
Every part of the experience with Millie’s is important to us and this is something we feel we can avoid disappointing anyone with. Until we are confident we will be able to accommodate voucher bookings with enough choice on dates then we will keep the sale of these on hold for now.
Any gift voucher Q’s then holler - best way is to email me (vicky@milliesbeachhuts.co.uk) with name of purchaser and code/expiry date on voucher

In prior years, we have allowed 8 people to hire each front row beach hut with 6 allowed in our second-row beach huts (Mickey and Minnie), both in and out of the hut which includes babies and children.

However, in light of the current government restrictions we are currently limiting our bookings to 6 people per booking.  In addition we cannot accept double bookings on for our side by side beach huts Mickey and Minnie.

We have just one set of side by side huts but we love them!

You'll find Mickey and Minnie side by side in Eastcliff, Walton on the Naze.  They are second-row beach huts but raised above the front row with joined private balconies - the views are amazing but with the perfect spot for privacy too.

The reason we purchased our very first beach hut was due to the fact that the Southcliff beach between the Pier and Frinton-on-Sea is dog friendly all year round -WHOOP!! And the business is named after my very own furry springer - Millie!

This means that all of our huts in Southcliff are perfect for our furiends (Hope, Harley, Seas The Moment, Sunnysands and Rosie Posie

There is a small stretch of beach on the other side of the pier that is restricted from 1st May to 30th September and similarly, there are stretches of beach in Eastcliff that have similar restrictions.  If you are booking Loopy Lou, Mickey or Minnie please bare this in mind!

Our beach huts aren't accessible as we'd like them to be and all have standard door frames.

However, Rosie Posie is the closest to the Pier enabling level access and then there is just one step into the beach hut. She is 13 beach huts from the Pier.

Sunnysands is a very close second in terms of distance (70 beach huts from the pier)

All beach huts are currently password protected while we update the calendars and info ready for bookings.

You will not need a password when they go on sale at the time indicated.

We do!

Some of you may have seen Isla (along with Harley and Rosie Posie) feature in Interior Design Masters on BBC2 with Alan Carr.  Having discussed with lots of our regular visitors, we built upon the changes during the show, and refreshed her to fit with our brand.

It felt apt to rename her now - she's now named Hope

We've been absolutely blown away by the support from our fellow #hinchers and the very kind support from Mrs Hinch herself.

The beach hut that you will have spotted in Mrs Hinch stories was Minnie.   You'll find Mickey right next door too!

Due to the scale of bookings and to ensure you can check up to date information re availability we only accept bookings that are made online.

You can find all our beach huts HERE.

Note - the date is only confirmed once you have fully completed your purchase.

Most of Essex beach huts aren't directly situated on the sand with the exception of a handful in Felixstowe and the beach huts in Mersea.

Our Beach Huts in Walton, like so many others are situated on a promenade which is next to the sea wall.  Steps are at frequent points along the promenade with direct access down to the beach.

I always want to know this too - it's important right!

Unfortunately the answer varies by beach hut but all our huts have toilets within a few mins walk (4 min walk max!)

I'm afraid not - so use those cool bags and make sure phones are charged for those all important Insta snaps!

Or why not switch off and completely chill out for the day?


Life's A Beach Hut

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I have a funny feeling you'll know someone who will enjoy colouring in their own beach huts, and Millie herself, before your next booking.