Britain’s Best Beach Huts for Hire

Britain's Best Beach Huts for Hire

Looking for a Beach Hut for Hire in the UK?  I love nothing more than spending a day at a beach hut and if I get the chance to when holidaying, then I’m one happy lady!!   Having spent hours visiting, researching and reading reviews for my own holidays, it only felt right to share my Britain’s best beach huts … Read More

Buying a Beach Hut? Dos and Don’t of Buying Your First Beach Hut

Buying a beach hut

Being a beach hut and seaside addict who now owns and runs a beach hut hire business, I am no stranger to being asked about buying a beach hut.  By far the most common question I am asked is; ‘We loved your beach hut and we’d love one of our own, what do I need to know?’ When taking into account the … Read More