How much does it cost to Hire a Beach Hut?

Whenever I’m looking at ideas for a day out, the total cost of the day  is always one of the first questions I have.  I really shouldn’t be surprised that the question of “how much does it cost to hire a beach hut ?” is, the first question that our guests have and this is one of the most visited pages on my website!


October to April


May to September

Note that I do prefer to accept all bookings online – so that we don’t’ make mistakes and you receive all info promptly!

Full payment is required in full at the time of booking.

Where cancellations are received less than two weeks pre your beach hire date, refunds will be made less a non-refundable £20.

Wondering why we are either more expensive but less expensive than other Beach Huts for Hire?

Both your time and money are important and if you are starting to research the beach huts that we have for hire or others that are available, then it can be painful when pricing isn’t entirely clear or your ensure what you are getting for that price.  I hope I’ve answered that in the above and across our site but its important that we share why our prices are set as per above.  Any quick google for prices for beach hut hire  will show a wide range of prices from £15 per day up to nearly £300.  It’s really that different!

I’ve tried to keep our own pricing structure simple, though this is influenced by a number of key factors that I hope you find useful when researching options when hiring a beach hut and help understand why our prices are set as per our rates above.

#1 Can you sleep overnight in the beach hut?

One of the most significant factors in the price of a beach hut hire is the ability to stay overnight.   Very few traditional beach huts have the ability to do so and in our beach huts this is not allowed.  Our hire times are from 9am to 7pm, though we constantly review these.

For those beach huts that you can sleep in overnight, they tend to be larger with dedicated sleeping space and facilities such as bathrooms and kitchens. These features and increase of space automatically increasing the prices to hire and in some cases may limit you to booking a certain number of nights.

#2 Where is the Beach Hut for hire?

You don’t need Phil Spencer to tell you that just like houses, the location of a beach hut has a significant impact on the price of purchasing one.  However with beach huts, you have the added complexity of not only the particular seaside location impacting the price but also the position of the beach hut (front row versus back row), where you can find the closest amenities such as water taps and toilets and availability of parking.

All of these small location details can impact the price being charged to hire the beach hut though we have chosen not to differentiate based on the row each beach hut is on.  Instead, I have ensured all of our Beach Huts have special additions or features to balance the pros and cons of each style.

#3 Contents, Style, and Upkeep of the Beach Hut

A beach hut is a beach hut right?   Wrong – one of my personal bugbears about owners who hire out their beach huts is the lack of attention to contents both in terms of functionality but also style.   I personally believe in making sure everyone visit is special and that we provide a different experience.

I’ve seen beach huts for hire with walls unlined, unpainted to the mid range of beach hut hires where the owners have splashed on a new coat of paint and added the very basics with some pastel coloured accessories not giving though to build improvements or personal decor that their guests will love.

Don’t me get wrong, the thing I love about beach huts is that they there is something for everyone but do expect the price to reflect contents.

At Millie’s Beach Huts we are focused on your experience whether it’s a cold winters day or gorgeous sunny day.  Our decor is inspired by small businesses and our crockery and melamine for children are sourced from Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater.  Yes, it’s true we could have followed everyone else and reduced our costs but then it wouldn’t be Millie’s Beach Hut.  If you see a picture of Millie’s Beach Hut without our brand logo, I want you to be able to recognise our huts and not blend in with the ‘norm’.

As one of our guests said, “once you’ve had Millie’s Beach Hut, you’ll never go back”.

#4 Time of Year

As with holiday bookings, the time of year does impact price and we split the year into two key seasons.

With shorter days and less reliability on weather during the low season, this gives you the chance to book a Beach Hut at a lower cost where most people tend to book for smaller parties too to maximise the indoor space per person during any bad weather spells (and I do tend to add Christmas trees and decor during the festive season!).

I really do hope the above has been helpful and when considering which beach hut to hire will allow you to ask the right questions to meet your needs for the day.

All of our beach huts that we have for hire also have their prices and details on each page and I’m always  happy to answer any additional questions that you have.  Just go visit each of their pages to find more info and you’ll also find an availability calendar too:




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