Beach Hut Hire: Minnie (Walton on the Naze, Essex – Second Row, Eastcliff)

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Check-in: 09:00 Check-out: 18:00

Looking for more info on Minnie? Then just scroll down below and you’ll also find all our generic beach huts FAQs HERE.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire Minnie:

April (All dates – £50)

May to September (Bank Holidays, Weekends and School Holidays – £60, Midweek £50),

October (School Holidays – £55, £50 all other dates)

November to March – Closed (Easter Holidays subject to Yearly Review)



Where to find Minnie: 

Full address – 541, Eastcliff, Cliff Parade, Walton on the Naze. (n.b there are no postcodes for each individual hut due to their location, however the closest streets are Percival Road, Beatrice Road or Florence Road in Walton on the Naze which may aid with your Sat Nav!)

Cliff Parade is the long street behind the Eastcliff beach huts which has free parking (note will be very busy during peak times) and you want to either park on this road or as close as you can to the dead-end of this street.  You want to be as close to the large green area and play park  as you can – as you face north towards the naze).
If you park in the area, closest to the dead end proceed towards this play park at the end of Cliff Parade – on your right, you’ll find steps down to the beach (white signposted signs to toilets too) and there are two rows of beach huts.
Take the stairs down and instead of going all the way down the stairs, turn left into the second row of beach huts.
Just a few huts along, you’ll find Mickey and Minnie. You won’t fail to miss Minnie with her bright red exterior and polka dot window.

Please do arrive early to park as the summer season is particularly popular though you could also take the train. We are literally a few minutes away from the train station!

 How to Access:

All of our beach huts have a key lock on the side or back of each hut. The Code  will be issued a minimum of 48hrs before your booking.   

Most of our huts have key lock have a small black lever to pull down once all codes are lined up in a row, otherwise there is a button on each side that should be pressed together to release.

You’ll find Minnie’s keylock on the side at approximately chest height (as you face the beach hut – note not below the decking – on the side of the hut itself).
Care should be taken to ensure the drop bolt does not drag on the floor when opening the door during your day.
What Will I Find in Each Beach Hut/What To Bring?

Remember to pack some tea towels, bin bags, and milk but otherwise, tea and coffee are supplied – pack up some suncream and warm clothes for different parts of the day and enjoy!

Everything in each hut is yours to use – we have crockery, melamine for the little ones, teapot, and jug, china teacups, children’s books, some beach toys and blankets!

If you have a fave bucket and spade, do pack that as throughout the season we find things break and we’ll often be replacing or changing out toys.


You’ll have a gas stove (and gas) along with a kettle, tea, coffee, sugar … so just remember to bring your milk and feel free to bring a few tins of soup or even hot dogs for the younger ones in the family (or four legged ones).

You’ll also find some cleaning essentials and a hand sanitiser dispenser for your use too.

Using the Single Gas Stove

We appreciate that not everyone may have used a stove before so a few instructions (you’ll normally find instructions in a drawer/cabinet in each hut too).

– Make sure lever is in the unlock position

– Make sure the ignition knob is in the “Off” position.

– Open canister storage

– Find the notch on the butane canister collar, raise the safety guide at the connection with the stove and insert canister so the safety guide is inside the collar notch.

– Press the switch on the front of the stove to the “Lock” position.

– Turn Ignition Switch counter-clockwise until you hear a click. That causes a spark to be produced and should light the burner.

– You can adjust flame to desired height by continuing to turn the knob in the same direction. The ideal flame will be blue with a touch of yellow near the tip.

HINT: If the stove will not light turn Ignition Switch to the “Off” position. Repeat Steps 5-6. If after 3 tries the burner will not ignite, remove the canister and lightly shake the canister to ensure it has fuel in it.  Replace gas canister if empty.

CAUTION: Make sure stove is completely cool before inserting canister.

 To turn off your stove, simply turn the Ignition Switch to the “Off Position”

You’ll always find spare gas canisters and a spare gas stove in each hut (normally under bed/in seating storage – just lift up the lid under seating).

Do let us know if you use the spare gas stove so that we can replace it as a backup for other guests.

Can I bring my dog?

Of course ….. Well, the huts were inspired by my very own English Springer Spaniel – Millie!  

However between the 1st May and 30th September there are restrictions on teh beach in front of Minnie. This is for approx 0.5miles so please do look out for the signs!

Well behaved dogs are more than welcome though please do ask in advance if you’d like to bring more than one (we’ll do our best to accommodate as we love all dogs!!).  You’ll even find a dog water bowl in each beach hut.
Tide Times

A gentle reminder that at high tide, the sea does come up to the wall and whilst there may be some parts of the beaches you can access, high tide tends to mean the beach is inaccessible. 

You can check tide times in advance via

Why not use this time to enjoy a cup of tea or a bacon sandwich!

Toilets and Water Facilities

You can find baby changing and toilets just a few minutes from the hut as all toilet blocks are fully open during the summer season.  Turn right from the beach hut and you’ll spot the large toilet block.

In each Beach Hut, you will find a plastic water container which can be used to fill up and provide you with water during your stay.

The tap can be found just a few beach huts away, facing the beach at the toilet block turn right. It’s just a few huts along.
Please, do you use the plastic container to fill up.  If you find it decants slowly just loosen the lid, which can create an air trap – it will flow much easier.

1 review for Beach Hut Hire: Minnie (Walton on the Naze, Essex – Second Row, Eastcliff)

  1. John

    We hired Minnie for our daughter’s 6th birthday, she fell in love with it, so much so she wanted to live there!
    The hut has everything you need & more! Minnie has been cared for & it shows with the decor! Toilets are just down a few steps which is very handy for the children & has a very clean beach!

    11/10 😁

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