5 Things to Pack for your Beach Hut Day

Beach Hut Hire in Walton-on-the-Naze

With summer now upon us, final payments and confirmations whizzing their way to their our future guests, many of you are now starting to plan your day and answer that most important question… what to pack!!

With so many items already provided in each beach hut, we thought we’d help those mums who may be struggling to work out what to pack and how to look great on your days hire….. having spent so much time on the beach hut interior, we couldn’t not recommend some items that fit with our vintage theme!  I hope it provides you with some inspiration ;0)

1.  FOOD and DRINK…

A day at the beach for me resolves around, sun, sea, sand, food, sun, sea, sand, food and thus important to plan out what meals and snacks you may like on the day.     You may already have ordered one of our catering options, however if not bring plenty of snacks and drinks with you – planning a picnic with treats can make your day even more memorable for your family!   Remember we have jugs in each hut and water containers, so you may wish to consider packing a bottle of squash to save space or treat yourself to that bottle of Pimms with Lemonade.photo (00000002)

On a hot day, please do remember to pack it in a cool bag – there are a fantastic range of cool bags now available and we love this one from Cath Kidston which will look very much at home in our beach huts! (psssst it’s currently on sale at nearly half price!)

With our summer hours now extended to 8pm and throws/quilts available in each hut, I’d personally recommend planning to have a fish and chips on the decking to round off your day in style.  Very few huts will be occupied post 6pm and this is our favourite time of day.   Our favourite fish and chips are from Yates just a few minutes walk away from the huts on  Old Pier St (15-21 on the corner), CO14 8AH.  Pop the kettle on, send someone out with the order and enjoy the view which eating dinner on the deck.


2.  Teatowels and Beach Towels…

photo3You’ll need to pack a couple of teatowels for your washing up (washing liquid and bowel etc provided) but remember to throw in some nice, warm, soft towels to help dry you down post a dip in the sea.  We are huge joules fan so couldn’t resist these bath towels which in a bath sheet size would be fantastic for the beach.  These nautical colours ooze with class (and again on sale!).

We also recommend bringing talc with you – a fab way to easily ensure that your car doesn’t end up full of sand.  Just dust it onto your body then rub off (the sand will drop off with it!).




3.  Keeping cool and/or warm…

Being on the coast you can never quite tell how the day will pan out from where you are travelling from.  A sunny warm day inland could be breezy and cool on the coast, whereas a warm day inland can be a ‘hot’ day in the little sun trap that we have on the decks of each beach hut.  That cloud cover can also be a little deceiving!

So along with beach towel,  I’d recommend packing up suncream, hats, swimwear and a jumper which will see you through the whole day and allow you to make the most of our opening hours.   That’s the great thing about hiring a beach hut – you have space to change (as many times as you’d like!)

Most importantly wear something that makes you feel confident!  This is just one of the amazing items which have recently been available from The Retail Nurse, keep an eye out on her Facebook page for gorgeous range of suitable beachwear and cover-ups for all members of the family.  Kirsty has a great eye and if you can’t see what you are looking for, drop her a note and she may be able to find it somewhere in stock!



4.  Pyjamas… yes really.. Pyjamas!

Whist I have my own little obsession with pyjamas, a great tip from a past guest is to pack pjs for your little ones.  That way you can stay on later at the beach huts and change them into PJs before getting in the car for your journey home.  Hopefully no tears, grumpiness and tantrums on the other side of your journey and you can relax in the car on the way home knowing they are close to being ready for bed.  (Feel free to bring your own too – it would make a fab pic!).


5..  Something to pack everything in….



Well you can’t be expected to carry it all in a carrier bag!   Everyone needs their very own beach bag and we’ve been introduced to the wonderful SunJellies from one of beach hut guests this week.  We love how the style and colour matches our huts and you can find a range of sizes and colours on their website.  I may just have ordered two mini ones for each hut… how many will you need (especially as you can pack them flat)? (yes NEED!). The Olivia bag is featured to the right of the picture on the left.


(Photo courtesy of Ali Jones)




I hope all of you enjoy your days beach hut hire at Millie’s Beach Huts during this summer season –  I hope its a really wonderful day for every single one of you. Wether you’ve been planning your day for months, weeks or days – find time on the day to relax, enjoy and hope you go home feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Vicky x







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