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When you think of beach hut hire, it can sometimes be impossible to not think of sun, sea and sand … and thus many associate beach huts with summer holidays in the sun.  You only have to google beach huts to see lots of sun filled images pop up.   However with a few small additions to our huts (gas heaters, quilted throws, hot chocolate, insulation and some new Christmas decorations), our huts were ready for their very first Christmas…….


We took the chance to ask those who hired one of our huts over Christmas to answer a few questions and will be continuing to feature guests in our fortnightly blog.


This week we are featuring the wonderful Thom family who have been following us pre opening our doors for this first time last year:



When did you visit Millie’s Beach Huts?

Various times but most recently we booked last minute for the 29th of December (2015) for some sea air after Christmas.


Isn’t a beach hut just for summer, sun, sea and sand??? (aka really … you went to a beach hut in winter!)

There is something refreshing about sea air and with two young children getting them out and enjoying the outdoors is an all year thing.

True you can’t sunbath in your cozzie but we had cups of tea snuggled on the lovely seat with blankets reading some of the lovely books in the hut and went down and played the machines on the pier….  and of course fish and chips is good anytime of year and being out of season it was very peaceful.


Who did you bring with you?

My husband and two children


Where did you travel from?

Hornchurch London borough but technically still essex


Describe your day at the beach hut in one sentence…

Calming fun time building family memories


Why did you choose Millie’s Beach Huts?

I have followed Millie’s beach huts since before they were open and kept up with all her prior purchases and plans for the hut so it feels like the huts are a little but mine and I love that….

They are very close to my heart.




What advice would you give to someone planning their day at the beach huts?

Don’t over think it just get in the car and go.  If u can be bothered grab some milk if you are a tea drinker and if it’s summer a towel……  but seriously everything else is thought of at the huts and what u don’t have can be brought in the town just go and enjoy!


Our huts are filled with lots of handmade items by very clever small businesses (and some Cath Kidston for good measure)… do you have a favourite item?

How can I choose a favourite when they are packed to the rafters with cath kidston.  I love her quilts and blankets in the huts but other than that the button quote craft is lovely too (*this is our much loved Dolly Dearlove hoop art, who unfortunately no longer produces these but feel very privileged to have one in each hut)



What’s the one item that you’d recommend everyone brings with them for a day at the beach?

Talcum powder – if you sprinkle on your feet when they are sandy the sand falls right off just rub them over and you are pretty much sand free and ready to put your shoes back on.


What name would you give your own beach hut?

Umm difficult as I think there might be one already but my nan passed this year and I’d be tempted to name it Betty after her.


I feel that everyone who has visited has played a part in the beach huts design – we’re opening Isla in just a few months – any special requests?

Loads of cath kidston


So … you are stranded on a desert island beach, what three things would you bring with you?

1) Bottle of rum 2) Wind up radio 3) Crisps


If you are now inspired to book your day at one of our beach huts or would like to own a beach hut yourself please do contact us HERE…..  Have a look around our photo galleries and get in touch.





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