5 reasons not to hire a Beach Hut from Millie’s Beach Huts



In my mid-twenties, I really started to get the “travel bug”, and over the years, I’ve travelled to Thailand, Malaysia, India, America, Italy…… the list goes on.   There was even a sailing trip or two in sunny climates, thanks to my amazing friend Sue for introducing me to boats (my love of the coast and beaches goes a long way back!).

I’ve been extremely grateful for those opportunities and having lived both in London/within an hour of London for nearly 15 years now, I’ve also had a great excuse for day trips.  But……. where on earth have those years gone?? Time has literally flown by!

I’m now 37 and it’s been all too easy in recent years, for work and life to take over and those holidays and day trips feel less frequent.   There has been increasing work pressures and on occasion, those annual leave days get cancelled, or taken up by life events such as moving home.   Also, if your anything like me, having a dog in the family has changed my holiday and day out requirements – perhaps having children has changed that for you too?

It’s now when life feels a little more complex and busy that I really understand how much I value taking some time out and exactly how limited that time can feel – whether that be a day out or a longer holiday.

What makes a perfect holiday or family day out is, of course, very subjective and each member of the family may have different requirements.  All of these need to be factored in when choosing to spend a day in a beach hut hire and as a beach hut owner who visits the beach all year round, I know that beach hut hire is not for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ridiculously proud to have so many returning guests and what we’ve achieved over our 1st year but I do appreciate that we’re not for everyone.


5 Reasons not to hire a Beach Hut from us:


1) You are looking for a free day out.

Whilst we continue to look for ways to keep our costs down, we do incur significant running costs in licence fees, insurance, maintenance and refurbishment to name just a few.   I’m passionate about ensuring our huts are to a standard that you’ll love and enjoy which does incur a cost.

With all of our huts accommodating at least 6 people and a maximum of £50 per days hire, I do think this is good value at £8.33 per head.   You’d be hard pushed to take 6 to the cinema for the same price (ticket only), less than an admission fee to Marsh Farm or Colchester Zoo and  the equivalent of just 1 theme park ticket.

You can, however, make the most of having a beach hut and bring your food for the day – you’ll even have a table, cutlery, crockery and a kettle to make unlimited hot drinks (we throw in the tea, coffee and sugar too!).

(If you are looking for some ideas for a free day out in Essex – we’d recommend reading our 15 great ideas for a free family day out in Essex)


2) You don’t like colourful décor

Whilst my own home is far more minimalist, I wanted the beach huts to stir an emotion when you open them up for your day. A strong emotion and one that says… “welcome, yes, of course, you deserve a day off.   Have some fun, relax and forget about everything bar spending some time on the beach”.

That has meant colour and lots of it including some brightly coloured furniture.  We’ve been helped by a handful of very special small business suppliers – something you’ll see me rant about is the need to support small businesses.   It may be an acquired taste for some and you may prefer to hire a basic beach hut with simpler interior and fewer contents.

On the other hand, you may spot an idea for a gift or something for your own home – several of our guests have purchased from our amazing suppliers.  Do look out for our monthly supplier feature on the blog.






3) You don’t enjoy feeling like part of a community

Just like a house, you will have neighbours and if hiring on the front row, there is a greater chance of passers-by who may wish to have a look into the hut and see who/what you are enjoying!

You can’t get away from the fact that the British seaside is iconic and being part of the beach hut owners community is the part I love about being able to hire out our beach huts.   Owners are very passionate about their own huts and whilst each and every one can differ in style and content, there is a common passion for all things beach huts!

As a result, the variety of people we meet and talk to is fascinating and I often hear stories of our guests who have made friends with neighbouring beach hut guests or their children have spent the day playing together.

Whilst there is a general respect for privacy, I love the sense of community and you’ll find an immediate common purpose for a visit – to enjoy the day!


4) The only thing you enjoy at the beach is sunbathing

I take frequent requests for sun dances and I promise that every time someone asks me to arrange sunshine for their visit, I do actually do a little dance for them (ok I may just enjoy having a boogie around the living room occasionally).

But I hope you get my point in that I can’t guarantee the weather and if you aren’t prepared to change your days plans based on the weather then you will be disappointed.

We’ve really thought about our beach huts and made significant renovations to them, to ensure they are comfortable no matter what the weather or season.  With internal glass doors and portable heaters, we are equipped to ensure you can deal with all eventualities – just ask last years Christmas guests.  The games will also come in very handy on a ‘wet’ day and the Pier is within a short walking distance if you need a change of scenery.

I personally love shutting the doors up and watching the rain clouds pass whilst reading a good book (just remember to bring clothes for all eventualities on the coast!).




5) You have a larger group than our strict maximum number policy can accommodate

We all know that there are some rules that are made to be broken.. however to ensure you get the best out of your day and to protect our own licence, there is a need for these to be adhered to and thus you’ll see a maximum number of guests for each beach hut which we strictly apply to all bookings.

Some of you will be familiar with the change in licence on our first beach hut site which now prohibits owners from allowing hire with a frequent reason quoted for the change being numbers of guests.

I hate sounding like a headteacher but I’ve had to carefully consider the beach hut size, it’s location and outside area when deciding on maximum neighbours – I can promise you that this is the maximum to make the most of your day, particularly when the weather is variable.


Are you ready to hire from Millie’s Beach Huts?

We are a growing business but won’t sacrifice our standards as we grow.  The experience we create for you will always be a Millie’s Beach Huts experience.   If we don’t yet have a Beach Hut for hire in your area, do read our Best Beach Huts to Hire in the UK and we are always willing to help anyone who is searching for a beach hut hire where we can – do just drop us an email.

We’re passionate about creating memories…… trust us with your precious family time and I guarantee we’ll go the extra mile.

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