No Excuses: My 2016 Content Marketing Academy Conference Commitment to You


Wow – it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog.   It’s time to change that….


The 2016 Content Marketing Academy Conference



Amy Schmittauer opens TCMA 2016


Over the last 48 hours, I’ve attended one of the most inspiring and motivational conferences that I’ve ever been too. Actually, lets scrap that sentence and start again – it wasn’t ONE of the most inspiring, it was the MOST inspiring and motivational conference that I’ve ever attended – full stop!

I’ve had access to world-class speakers and have learnt so much on an individual basis from each and every speaker. At the same time, I was surrounded by 120 other passionate, caring business owners.  They are my kind of people – the ones who actually care about the service, products and all round experience that they give to their customers.  They also happen to be hugely supportive of each other and rally around through the natural highs and lows of running a small business.

I’ve felt privileged, and at times, humbled to have been in the room and have been warmly welcomed into the Content Marketing Academy Membership Community over the last few months.   I know that by being part of this group that I will be able to truly make Millie’s Beach Huts the best it can be – AKA a business that provides what you need and helps create those family memories.

But I know that I’m now rambling and you’ll be wondering what on earth does this mean for you and me?


Just Get On With It: AKA #KateIsAlwaysRight

I need to let you into a little secret – I have a list of 78 blogs, nicely categorised and colour coded into a spreadsheet.   There are some tasks that clearly show my accountancy background – those colours may even have conditional formatting applied.

Not only do I have those all drafted out but I’ve taken the time to go through every email and social media messages to ensure that those titles have also been informed by every question that you may have emailed or asked on our page which I will have answered but I feel I could give you more.

“So where are they” I hear you say??

That’s the issue, they have remained on the spreadsheet for some time now.   A list of titles with no written words to go along with them.   I could come up with all sort of excuses why I haven’t written more and shared those insights and information that you need and want from me!!    But I won’t.

The reason I won’t make those excuses here is due to Kate.   Kate was a speaker during the conference and runs Pet Sitters Ireland.    Over a few glasses of wine last night, I found myself trying some of the excuses.  I tried them all – not having time, renovating the beach huts and even the commitments to my day job but let’s just say Kate called me out on this with some rude words thrown in as a response!  Sometimes you need that honest and unbiased feedback to sift through the excuses and Kate certainly did that.   I really don’t ahave a good reason not to “Just Get On With It”.


My Commitment to You

Due to Kate’s push and being inspired by her own achievements, I’m personally committing to publishing a blog five times per week starting today.   Not one blog a week, not even three, I will be publishing five blogs a week all aimed at ensuring I give you answers to the questions you ask.  Whether you are a beach hut owner, someone who hires our beach huts, a mum who’s looking for ideas for days out or a dog owner (we dog owners do love to bond over pictures!), you will find something for you and if not… well just ask!

I can’t say that they will always be perfect and I’m sure someone will spot a grammar error or formatting that could be better BUT I can promise you that I will try my best to cover everything you ask for and keep it interesting, honest and consistent.  I will also ensure I keep learning and continue to improve everything that I publish.

So there it is – whilst I’m sure I’ll be incorporating a huge amount of learning from the last two days into the blogs, I’m making this one personal but very large commitment to you as I make my journey home.  This is going to be the ONE THING.

No going back now – I’ll speak to you tomorrow for no.2.

Vicky xx



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