Homemade Dog Treats: Liver Cake Recipe for Dogs

Yeuch, liver, and cake?  Why on earth would anyone want a liver cake recipe?

Well if you aren’t a fan of liver or the smell of liver cooking, this may be the last thing you want to cook. However, don’t be too quick to stop reading there.

These are ‘high’ value reward treats and I promise you, it makes a huge difference when training your dog. Personally, I’ve found that when Millie starts to get bored or distracted during agility classes, then these save the day.  I swap in some cut up pieces with her normal shop bought treats and she’s suddenly more attentive and focused.

I’ve actually made up this batch to time with a weekend away as when in a restaurant or busy area, she can be prone to the odd bark.  Whilst it’s just a little hi to passing guests, these will help keep her distracted until she settles down in a new environment.

As I’m always pushed for time, I can guarantee the recipe is super easy to make and can be made gluten free too.    Oh, and it’s freezable too.  Just pop batches into the freezer and it can last you several weeks at a much lower cost than shop bought treats.

Ok so enough of how good it is, let’s get on with making them.  Here’s my liver cake recipe guaranteed to satisfy those four paws!
Liver Cake Recipe Homemade Dog Treat


Liver Cake Recipe

Preparation Time: 15 minutes; Cooks In: 90 minutes

Difficulty:   Easy



450g (1lb) of raw liver (I’ve used lamb)

450g (1lb) of self-raising flour (or gluten-free flour for dogs with allergies)

3 eggs


(Note I did add a small fraction of garlic – yes I know, in large quantities it can be toxic to dogs. If in doubt, do not add!)


Liver Cake Recipe Homemade Dog Treat




#1 Mix eggs and milk/water

In a measuring bowl, crack the eggs and add milk or water to double the volume.  Using a fork, mix well to blend.


#2 Mix liver and garlic

Using a blender, liquidise the liver to a smooth consistency.


Liver Cake Recipe Homemade Dog Treat


#3  Mix the above together

Mix in the egg and milk/water mixture to the blended liver.


Liver Cake Recipe Homemade Dog Treat


#4  Stir in the flour

In a large bowl, combine the remaining ingredient flour. You’ll find it will turn into a sticky, dough-like consistency.


Liver Cake Recipe Homemade Dog Treat


#5  Transfer into baking tray(s)

I personally separate into two batches and line my baking trays (can be unlined).   You could be creative here and make a bone shaped cake  – perfect for doggy birthdays.


Liver Cake Recipe Homemade Dog Treats


#6  Bake in the oven

Pop into the oven at 180 degrees, for 75-90mins.   Check on the cake at around 75 mins – the top should be darkened and should bounce back when pressed lightly.


Liver Cake Recipe Homemade Dog Treat


#7  Cut into treat sized pieces

Remove from oven and cut into small sized bites (if preparing as treats).  I find it cuts a little easier whilst still warm.  Though be warned your pooch will be watching you carefully at this point.


Liver Cake Recipe Homemade Dog Treat


#8 Keep in fridge or freeze

Keep any fresh batches in the fridge and pop the others into the freezer. Whilst some people suggest letting it defrost, I find it does this quickly and if in small enough bites, there is no need to do so.


#9   Be your Dog’s Hero

No explanation needed – they’ll have been sniffing around you throughout the whole process!


English Springer Spaniel Millie


Do let me know how you get on with the liver cake recipe and whether your pooch is demanding more.  

Millie loves her’s (but definitely won’t be sharing!).

I’ll be back with more recipes soon but in the meantime why not check our Millie’s Corner on our blog for ideas for dog-friendly family days out.


6 Comments on “Homemade Dog Treats: Liver Cake Recipe for Dogs”

  1. I don’t think dogs should have regular flour – only coconut or other flour. same for garlic.

    1. Hi Michelle – hopefully you read our comments on the blog re garlic, but we do believe it’s down to every pawrent to choose what to give/not give their own dog. Sounds like this isn’t the recipe for you!

  2. Easy to make and Phoebe loved it! I’ve kept half in the fridge and froze the other. I didn’t put the garlic in as wasn’t sure of quantity. I also used the gluten free flour as Phoebe has lots of allergies.


  3. Been making this ever since I found the recipe and my staffy Bellé will do anything for them and loves it. I got two trays baking away now and this time I added lamb mince and some mint. Thank you

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