Nirvana Spa Review: De-stress In Just A Few Hours

I’ve been to Nirvana Spa a number of times over the past 3 years. But as I sat chilling out on a Thursday afternoon in October, I realised that I’ve never ever shared a Nirvana Spa review with you. I can’t quite believe it as while I’ve visited a few day spas and spas previously, there really is nothing quite like a Nirvana Spa experience!
From booking to arrival, from the food to the treatments, you won’t be disappointed! I certainly wasn’t on that Thursday afternoon when I took advantage of a gift voucher that I had.    One call to Nirvana and I had booked a Time Out package (Mon-Thur, 1pm to 4pm) and a  Flotation session with the hope of de-stressing in those few hours away from laptops and phones!

Nirvana Spa Review Berkshire UK Spa Day Out

The Stunning Main Pool


Review of Nirvana Spa

You’ll find Nirvana Spa on the outskirts of Wokingham in Berkshire.  I know, I know. Many of you reading this will be in Essex but I haven’t been able to find anywhere in Essex that gets close to being comparable to Nirvana Spa. Once you read the below you’ll understand.  I promise that the journey is worth it.
In reality, it’s a couple of hours drive depending on where in Essex you are but well worth that journey. Particularly if you indulge in a full day’s experience.
The spa is both a day spa and members club.  While my previous visits have been on midweek evenings, even on an October afternoon, the spa was far from empty though never feels too busy.  There is always plenty of space in changing rooms and beds available in the treatment rooms or around the pool.

Booking and Pre-Arrival

Now if you know me by know, you’ll expect me to point out that you can’t book online and that it’s something they should rectify.   But there is something about Nirvana Spa’s Concierge service (yep I said Concierge) that makes you feel special and extends beyond that first phone call.
Firstly, I’ve always had my call answered immediately and secondly I’ve always been passed to the Concierge desk without fail.  No call waiting here.   It makes it all feel so personal.    They take the time to ask what you are looking for, whether you need advice on treatment and get you booked in.    You will need to pay for your booking plus treatments at the time of booking.
You’ll receive an email shortly afterwards that confirms all the details including your schedule for the day.  Oh and remember that personal touch? Well, you get a personal call a couple of days before reconfirming and checking you have everything you need and a followup email too pre-arriving.
So I’m not sure why, but I actually quite like the whole experience and being forced to talk to the Concierge Desk to book!
It is worth noting that the website is great and contains all the prices, memberships options an full treatment list with reviews too.  If you want to buy gift vouchers or buy your membership, you can do this online too. It’s literally the booking of the spa days itself that you need to make a phone call for.

Check In and Changing Rooms

You would think with set check in times and different packages throughout the day, that there may be queues to check-in.  On the day I arrived at 12.45 as you can check in 15 minutes before your start time. This extra 15 mins to check-in is great, particularly if you are booking in for a half day or shorter spa session. You also get 30 mins post your spa slot too, helping to further maximise your booking.
So back to that queue – well that amassed to 0 people and no wait (again).   The receptionists are always very quick to check you in and pleasant too.  They’ll talk you through your day and times etc as a reminder and then provide you with your robe and towel.  For some of us, who occasionally forget to bring flip flops you can buy a Nirvana Spa branded pair at a reasonable price too.
I found the changing rooms fairly quiet and easy to find a locker. There are lots of individual changing rooms toilets, showers for you to use. The robe and towel bins are always being emptied and a great first impression for any guest.


The Facilities

I’m not sure where to start here so I’m just going to pop this picture below to start.  Have yous seen the size of the place!?!?!?!?
Nirvana Spa Berkshire Day Spa Map of Building
There are no small pools and shortcuts on your experience at Nirvana Spa. Each of the pools uses mineral water sourced from beneath the spa itself.  So I took my time and worked my way around the main section of the spa.
#1 The Roman Pool – the main pool and I suspect the most photographed.  You can have a relaxing swim and then chill out on the loungers around the pool.   You can have drinks served to you and there are always plenty of magazines and papers to pass the time.
#2  Nirvana Pool – another large pool which has numerous jets which will pummel away all those tired muscles and aches and pains. You’ll find sections in the pool that you can sit or lie in to make the most of your time.    Two plunge pools are available too.
#3 Spa Garden Pool and Hut Tubs –   Whether it’s a chilly October day or midsummer, you can take advantage of the heated outdoor pool.   You’ll also find several hot tubs nestled in the outdoor garden too.
#4 Celestial Floatation Pool  – Nirvana Spa has the only flotation pool in the UK where you will experience a strange but calming sensation of floating in spring fed, Dead Sea salt water.  Not only that, but you’ll float in a huge circular pool beneath a ceiling which looks like a sparkling start-lit night sky.
No small pods that you are enclosed in here.
#5  Tepidarium – the quietest room in Nirvana Spa where you can retreat to relax those muscles.   Each of the mosaic stone loungers is heated, which gently warm you in a peaceful and candle-lit room. As with all of Nirvana Spa, you can enjoy the beautiful ceilings and decor or drift away into a snooze.
#6  Thermal Suite – again no scrimping when it has come to the steam and sauna area within Nirvana Spa.  A huge room where you can work your way around the trio of facilities.   This includes a salt inhalation steam room, plunge pool and sauna.   Go on, be brave and use the plunge pool and Ice Rub Station to maximise the benefits of hot and cold treatments.  Contrast therapy is said to help increase the heart rate up to 60% and can help your body purge toxins and impurities.


With just a few hours booked, I opted for the Celestial Flotation in that huge circular pool I mentioned above. It’s really unlike anything I’ve experienced before.
You will be in a small group of around 4 to 5 people and the team will talk you through the treatment before you enter the pool.
The mineralised warm spring water is enriched with 21 21 essential minerals.  It’s said that this can have lots of benefits such as relieving joint pain and calming the nerves.  I have to say that my skin always feels amazing after a session in the flotation pool too.
After you finish your session, you’ll be treated to some products from the range that Nirvana Spa stocks in-house.   The nSpa range is fantastic value and I always end up bringing some shower gel’s home.  They smell great and currently still working my way through a large bottle of ‘Honey’ flavoured which was just £3.
You can, of course, treat yourself to one of the treatments that are available via their Spa (Crystal Treatment Suite).  Facials, massage, makeup workshops, wraps and exfoliation are all on offer and count towards the time you have booked in the Spa.  I’d personally recommend the Swedish massage which I’ve had on previous visits.

Food and Drink

The Time Out Package didn’t include food or drink.  However, with other packages, you will find free hot and cold drinks.  On other packages, you can also have a light lunch included.
If you are considering booking a package with lunch, I’d really recommend.  Its a huge salad bar with lots of choice or you can choose to order from the menu instead.
Nirvana Spa has recently introduced an afternoon tea option earlier this year.
On this occasion, I treated myself to a glass of sparking pink wine and slide of choc cake (hey why not).  I then settled down on one of the beds round the main pool to read the huge range of magazines and papers that are on offer.  While I’d packed some notebooks to do a bit of brainstorming, time flew by and I really didn’t them.

Would I return to Nirvana Spa?

Are you daft? In a heartbeat.
There is just something about the welcome, facilities and the decor. They really have managed to find a way for you to declare ‘OMG’ on each visit.
Take your time choosing the right package for you and I believe Nirvana Spa offers great value for money too.   In just three hours, I enjoyed most of the facilities on offer, didn’t feel rushed and emerged with a spring in my step.
The next time you are organising a girly day out or treat, do consider taking the trip to Nirvana Spa.  You won’t regret it and probably won’t use another spa after!
And don’t forget it’s nearly Christmas. if you haven’t already hinted about our top 20 gifts for a beach hut fan, you might want to start dropping hints re a Nirvana Spa Gift Voucher.
For Prices, Opening Times and More Info  –

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