Do We Ever Really Feel Like A Grown-Up?

I’m sat in Tally’s.    But it’s not Tally’s.   It’s now called The Tinsmith and it’s probably been around 16 years since I was last in here.  It looks great.
Different but great.
I’ve just dropped my Dad off at the Dental Hospital.  As he’s likely to be at least an hour or more, I thought I’d park myself in a local cafe for some lunch.  The thing is, the Dental Hospital in Dundee is at the heart of the University of Dundee campus.   The University where I graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Accountancy and Business Finance (BAcc).   I just couldn’t resist the temptation to walk past an old ‘haunt’ without popping in to see how it had changed.
I’ve spent so many amazing hours in this place and others like it in the West End of Dundee.   And I know I did a lot of growing up here too.    But as the very very (very) young waiter took my order,  there is a small part of me that seems to think those uni days weren’t so long ago as they feel.

Do we ever really feel like a grown-up? Uni picture from 1998 (accountancy ball in st andrews)

Yep – that’s me on the right. 1998 at my first ever Accountancy Uni Ball. I think that dress may be back in fashion!


Do We Ever Really Feel Like A Grown-Up?

Jobs, mortgages, bills and ageing parents.  They say all of these things result in us entering the ‘real-life’ adult world.  There is even research that states that the average Brit doesn’t feel like a grown up until they’re 29.
As a 38-year-old, I should firmly be in the ‘adult’ camp.
I’ve bought a home and a few beach huts and I’ve had the pressures of a senior job. I’ve worried about my pension and even enjoyed several nights in.
I frequently trade in my high heels for wellies.  While I’ve been lucky enough to travel often, I’m just as happy in a cottage holed up with a stove burner and Millie.  But does that mean that I always have to act like a grown-up?
Absolutely not.
I’ll let you into a secret, I love acting like a kid at times.
I’ve found more and more recently, that as some of the stresses of my old life slowly disappeared, those childlike acts are making a more frequent appearance.  Whether it’s been letting my hair down and enjoying some rock music to the early hours on a night out, putting fears aside to learn how to ride a motorbike or even just play chase with Millie around a field.   By the way, she loves it.  If you have a dog, give it a go. You’ll both have great fun!!
I love a good children’s film. Monsters Inc is in my all time Top 5 movies.  I’m sure the Chronicles of Narnia will also make an appearance on my movie list over the holidays.
I ate a pack of fizzy strawberry laces yesterday and can often be found buying a pack of love hearts.  Well, come on, who doesn’t love a love heart?
I really want to go to Disneyland and meet Mickey Mouse. I may have to wear those ears!
[bctt tweet=”If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It – Walt Disney” username=”Millies_Huts”] All of this may seem ‘uncool’ but I firmly believe that you have to enjoy life in whatever way makes you happy.  ESPECIALLY when that means acting like a kid.
I’m so so grateful for the time that I had at Uni. I suspect it’s the reason I find myself reflecting this afternoon while looking out onto the university campus.   So many memories etched into my brain.   While I definitely grew up a lot during those years, I had fun too.
But I’m also pleased that part of that 21-year-old who graduated in 2001, is very much still here and alive.  Whether that be in my love of strawberry laces (fab exam studying snack!) or feeling like a kid around Christmas and insisting that we still do stockings.  Sorry Mum!
Somehow I think that sense of adventure and wanting to learn new things is never going to go away. If that means I’ve not yet grown-up, well I’m ok with that too.
Have you ever found yourself back at school or university, wondering when and how you grew up?  When was the last time you acted like a kid?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.  Go on … give it a try, you’ll enjoy it!

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