The One Thing You Can't Plan For: The Perfect Storm

the perfect storm

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing more personal blogs with you.  For no other reason than the timing has just felt right.   But if you have been reading and watching, then you’ll have quickly figured out that I love a bit of organisation and planning.
No!?!? You really hadn’t guessed?   Wait till you see one of my bullet journal to-do lists or colourful spreadsheets. You’ll understand why I’m known for it then!
The thing is, I love it because I know it helps me do the things I want to do. It’s always been my thing and I’ve always loved fixing processes and systems that are broken.  You could call it nerdy and pigeon hole me into a certain bucket but well, who’s the 38 year old female who has a Harley Davidson? Me or You?
But despite those planning skills, I’m sitting here tonight worried.
I really don’t think any amount of planning could prevent that slight feeling of anxiousness I currently have. But I am debating it.  Could I have done anything else!?!?!?
You see, over the next 24 hours, the east coast has a high risk of flooding with tidal surge warnings in place.
And yes, two of the three of the beach huts I own are front row beach huts on that east coast.
The irony is, up until an hour ago, I wasn’t even aware that things were so bad.   Why? Well, I don’t really watch the news. Not because I’m one of those people who preach about keeping negativity out of my life – each to their own!   I genuinely just don’t watch it.
No real reason.  I guess a habit that I’ve just never developed.
But in the last couple of hours I’ve been tagged into a few posts and through my UK Beach Hut Owners Facebook Group, slowly started to realise just how bad the flooding risk is across the east coast. Several beach hut owners just like me are bracing themselves for a tough night and day ahead.
While it seems trivial to have a Beach Hut damaged in comparison to those seaside villages that are being evacuatedI can’t but help feel for those in the group who are in the higher risk areas with a number having just recently purchased their pride and joy.
the perfect storm
It has certainly put things into perspective and know we’ll all have our fingers and toes crossed for those families facing a worrying 24 hours away from their own homes so early in the year.
As I’ve watched a debate about the use of one word divide people’s opinions across social media today, this is a time where humans make me proud (thanks, Julie – I would have said people – the words humans is so much better!).
I’ve already seen offers from beach hut owners to help each other out and many owners are already keeping an eye on other beach huts.
My own builder has been in contact and posting on his facebook page, keeping those of us who live further away up to date.   Certainly helping reduce anxiety on my side.
Walton-on-the-Naze beach hut patrollers have also confirmed they will be out in any weather. Checking, securing and helping where they can.
But I still find myself wondering, could I have done more to protect my Beach Hut now the storms are here?  
I’ve just had storm doors fitted onto Harley, one of my front row beach huts.  All three beach huts were renovated this year and I know we checked anchor points during this process.  Harley has had his roof covering replaced and I had Isla fitted with storm doors before opening her for hire too.
Both front row beach huts have wooden flooring, which will allow any water to pass out easily.
But I’m still thinking, is there anything else I should have done?  Could they be any more watertight or secure?
The answer is yes.   In hindsight, I should have asked the question before now and ensured that I did full winter check with a tidal surge in mind.  Business Continuity planning in my old day jobs terminology!
BUT the reality is, that I just have to sit and let nature take its course.
It’s very unlikely that I would have noticed anything or done anything different even by doing another check.
As a lovely beach hut owners stated this evening, “You can do all that, but you can’t stop water”.  Sharon, you are right, time for us to stop worrying about what we could have done and wait and see.
I may just keep my fingers and toes crossed though. Because that works.  Doesn’t it?
Stay safe everyone!

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    1. Thanks Kev – we seem to have escaped with Cromer in Norfolk being the worst hit. Gutted for those owners and reminds us how susceptible we are to nature!

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