2017: A Year of Video? Why I've Started a Vlog

why I started a vlog

I’m sure some of you are wondering why on earth I’ve decided to start a vlog. Yep, it’s a good question.  So, the below article sets out exactly why I’ve started a vlog.
Or should I say “Why I’ve started a Vee-Log?”.  Yep I had to be different and as a Vicky, instead of a Vlog (video log), it’s become a Vee-Log!
why I started a vlog

Why I’ve Started a Vlog


The Challenge

You’d be right to wonder why and as I hit publish on my first vlog last week, I was wondering myself.  Even after spending hours editing and trying to get it into a decent shape, I found myself hovering over the publish button.  Good old fear testing me, saying “Nooooo. You don’t really want to show the world this.   Just leave it in draft and no-one will ever know”.

If you’ve ever written an article or blog, made a video or vlog, or even just been part of a video that has been published somewhere, then I think you’ll understand that fear factor.   There is something about putting yourself out there on a screen, knowing it will be out there on the internet forevermore.
What if they hate it??
From working out what people may be interested in, trying to be creative (remember my 15 years as an accountant) to learning how to edit.  It’s a challenge.
But I love a challenge and I love learning.
p.s thanks to Vicki Nicholson from Branding Therapy who was kind enough to tell me to shut up and hit publish that morning.  We all need friends like Vicki sometimes!

Being braver

You see, rumour has it that video is the way forward.   You can’t read (or watch) a content marketing expert without them pointing out the obvious. People resonate more with video.
As Marcus Sheridan states in his fab article 5 Video Content Marketing Myths that Need to Go Away Forever – “We are officially a visual society”.
Personally, I’ve also used videos and YouTube videos in particular to solve problems.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve googled “how to fit my dog guard into my car” over the last two years.  The instructions were, of course, mislaid about two minutes after having it first fitted.  I never seem to remember how to do it and it’s handy to be able to watch a instruction video on the mobile while outside at my car.
The problem is, I understand the benefits but I hate myself on video.  I’ve tried a few Facebook Lives and the very odd video but at the heart of it all, it just makes me feel uncomfortable.   Not just about the challenge of producing good content above but putting myself (and my face!) at the front of Millie’s Beach Huts.  It’s so easy for me to hide behind the gorgeous pictures of our guests, my fab headshots from Julie Christie Photography and the huts themselves.
So in 2017 it’s time to be braver!  As you may have read in my ‘Reflections on 2016‘ blog, I’ve made a commitment to ensure at least 25% of the content I produce is video based.  If I can write 100 blogs when I don’t think of myself as a writer, I need to get over myself and put myself on video!

But What Do I Expect to Get out of Vlogging?

I’m far from an expert and I know my vlogging skills need lots of improvement but in just one day, I learnt a lot.
I underestimated the dedication and time it takes to record certain ‘shots.  Yep, I really did stand outside for an hour in the freezing cold to capture a sundown which equated to about 15 seconds of a video!
I also make lots of stupid expressions while talking and say “So”, a lot!  So I hope that through video, both my speaking and presentation skills improve.
But more importantly, I hope to be able to answer more of your questions in a better way. There have been certain blogs that I know would have made much more sense to have been in some form of video.
A blog about a beach hut is great, but isn’t it much easier for you to see it on video?   A holiday accommodation review would be much more suited to a vlog, allowing me to actually show you the accommodation and the area too.
I’m not sure where this will lead but for now, I’m committed to the one monthly vlog on the Millie’s Beach Huts YouTube channel and you’ll spot a slightly bigger target of 4 vlogs/videos per month over on our sister site Mille’s Pet Services.
At the moment, I plan to share a day with you just like vlog 001 which you can watch by clicking HERE or view below.   I’m sure you’ll get a glimpse into Mille’s world along with my life in general.
I hope you enjoy it but I promise I won’t be offended if it’s not your thing ;0)
If you do want to be notified of new vlogs and video’s, do remember to subscribe to my channel:

Millie’s Beach Huts – YouTube Channel

I’d love to hear what you think of the first vlog above but also what you’d like to see going forward.  If you can spare a minute to leave a comment in below with your thoughts then please do so.   All hints, tips and tricks welcome too;0)
Thank you again for all of your support and sticking with me as we navigate through the ever-changing world of technology.  It’s really only when you hit publish on something like this that it reminds you of just how vulnerable it can make you feel.
Vicky x
p.s Millie, on the other hand, seems to be a video pro!

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    1. I love your blogs Claire .. thinking the new theme reviews would be great even as a screen capture? Babysteps as they say if your feeling nervous? Vicky

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