What’s in a Name? How To Choose A Beach Hut Name

How to choose a beach hut name?

Choosing a name for your beach hut will be one of the hardest decisions you make. It feels as if the choice of name, reflects you and your beach huts personality and so taking some time to choose a name is key.   When you are thinking about how to choose a beach hut name you may also have several family members who need to agree on the choice, making it all that bit more complex!

In the article below, I’ll share some ideas re how to get those ideas flowing.  Once you start writing them down, you’ll find that the ideas keep coming so keep persevering!  Many of my fellow Beach Hut owners have shared their reasons for choosing their name and you’ll find these scattered amongst the ideas too.

Do look out for the HUGE list of names that have come from our own guests as part of our current Name a Beach Hut competition running through February, which is at the end of this article.   There are some beautiful names in there and I can’t wait to see what name our winner chooses for our newest beach hut for hire.


How to choose a beach hut name?



How to Choose a Beach Hut Name

Do you have pen and paper to hand? No? Well, grab them while you make a cuppa of tea.  The below will help you brainstorm ideas to help choose a beach hut name:


#1  Family Member Inspiration

Perhaps the most common explanation behind a beach hut name is that the name is inspired by a family member.  Whether it be a relative who may have passed away or your child’s name, choosing a name this way will have a special meaning to you and your family for years to come.

Katy Taylor, a member of our UK Beach Hut Owners Facebook Group, is a beach Hut owner in Lincolnshire.  She named her own hut ‘Mabel’ as a tribute to her lovely Nan.  Mabel had introduced Katy to beach huts and to the beach at Sutton on Sea where their hut is located.   I love how personal this to Katy and her beach hut always makes me smile too!


How to choose a beach hut name? Mable owned by Katy at Lincolnshire

Can you spot the lovely hand-painted ‘Mabel’ sign?


You could even use your own names like Eve Haigh who owns a beach hut called Eve’nSteven.  This is a combination of her and her husband’s name.

Remember it doesn’t just have to be humans, perhaps the pets in your family deserve to have a beach hut named after them?   With a water-obsessed springer spaniel, I couldn’t call our first beach hut anything but Millie!


#2  Popular Children’s Names

With so many beach huts named with ‘human’ names, it would make sense to take advantage of the resources available to new parents when choosing a baby name.

Sometimes just looking through these sites can spark an idea (or memory).   Though more usefully, many of these websites also include both the origin and meaning which may help you choose.

Here are some of the top websites/articles to get you started:

Top 100 Baby Names (2016)

Baby Name Search (includes origin and meaning)

Pampers Popular Baby Names Around the World

86 Baby Names You Haven’t Heard Of (but will)

You could also use one of the several random name generators that exist such as Behind the Name: Random Name Generator.  These are popular with writers who are looking to generate character names for books and scripts.

how to choose a beach hut name - win the chance to name a beach hut and a free days hire too



#3  Seaside/Coastal Themed

Technically a house by the sea, it’s not surprising that many beach huts take their name from their surroundings.

A fab way to come up with some ideas is to literally list all the words that you can associate with the beach and coastline along with the feelings that you associate with being at your beach hut.  Words like sunny, sunshine, heaven, peace should all come to mind and then just have fun putting them together to find that perfect name.


#4 Humour and Fun

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of the beach hut named ‘Jabba’.   Yep, that’s ‘Jabba the Hut’!!   This shows that you can definitely have fun with your beach hut name and I know it’s those names that make me smile while walking along the promenade.

Tracey Mussenden who owns a beach hut in Clacton chose to name her beach hut “Vitamin Sea”. As a nurse, she felt that her beach hut name had to be good for your health!


vitamin sea how to choose a name for your beach hut


Pinterest is a fantastic source of ideas for this and while there are limited Beach Huts in the world, if you search on “Beach House Names”, then you’ll be hard pressed to run out of ideas. Here’s the direct link searching for this term.  Isn’t is “Just Beachy” ;0)


Another of our Beach Hut owners, Brett and Susan Bates also choose a play on words when they named their Beach Hut/Chalet.  Named Salad Days its name reflects “the halcyon days of your youth, when life was stress-free and fun!”.


#5 Ask the Kids

Well, we all know they are more creative than us, don’t we?!?!?!

Another of our Facebook Group members Anna Davies, has a hut called ‘My Happy Hut’ and followed this approach of asking her children.  Her 10 yr old daughter (at the time) were brainstorming name ideas and she feels that “It couldn’t be a more perfect name”.

Liz Walker’s 7-year-old also had a key role to play in choosing the name for their beach hut “Sunnysands”.  Inspired by the CBeebies programme Grandpa in My Pocket, the hut is full of magical memories.


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Still Looking for Inspiration?

Over the last few days, many of our social media followers have been sharing the names they’d love to give their own beach hut.  I know many of them have entered our competition to name our newest beach hut opening next month so I can’t wait to see which one they choose!

Here are just a few of those submitted to help inspire you but if you have your own idea, why not leave it in the comments below!


Via Facebook

Elsa (Stephanie Stanley)

Raspberry Rippe (Bev Evans)

Margo (Emma Staley Knott)

Bliss (Kim Moore Walker)

Tutti Frutti (Louise Coomber)

Thistledome (Enid Richards)

Heaven (Christine Shelton-Fleuty)

Whippy (Georgie Turner)

Lorelei (Julia Winfield)

Ava (Jane Amme)

Pickles (Saydi Kittle)

Lottie and Molly (Amanda Spells)

Zimba, Zara and Zowie (Jean Laut)

Mollie (Samantha Pascoe, George L Thomas, Mia Trigg – popular!!)

Flossy (Vicki Mills)

Elsa (Vicky Oxley)

Lucie-Loo or Poppy (Michele Adams)

Meg (Karen Smith)

Lily or Alfie (Annette Demetriou)

Martha or Connie (Maria Hubbard)

Ella (Emma Mahony)

Meg (Karen Smith)


Via Instagram

Iyla (Jackies_Shabbychiclife)

Breagha (Gaelic for Beautiful from eilidhmacharte)

Ruby, Roxy, Abbie and Evie (jennylillegs_)

Hugo (lauraee1985)


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