The 7 Best YouTube Channels for Mums

Earlier this week, I joined a Content Marketing Academy Webinar with Amy Schmittauer. If you don’t know Amy, then she’s just launched her book Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging. She is without a doubt, THE video blogging authority to turn to for advice and knowledge.

As part the discussion, Amy talked about YouTube’s viewer profile.  It’s clear from their demographics that men, particularly of a younger age, spend longer on YouTube than females even if the user split is 50/50.

If you’ve read my previous blog ‘Why I’ve Started a Vlog‘ you’ll know that Millie’s Beach Huts now has it’s own YouTube channel (click HERE to view) and thus I was intrigued.  With all of that content geared towards males and a significant part aimed towards gaming, what YouTube channels were out there for females.  More specifically what are the best YouTube channels for mums?


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The 7 Best YouTube Channels for Mums


#1 Channel Mum

With over 14k subscribers, nearly 600 videos and 2.8m views, once you open up this channel, you’ll understand why it’s on my best YouTube channels for mums list.

Whether you are pregnant, have a new baby, toddler or teen, there is a wealth of videos to help.

Channel Mum is more than helpful.  Its even laid out in a way to make it easy to find what you need with separate playlists for pregnancy, tips and Mum SOS. There are even channel mum vloggers, who I wasn’t surprised to find  dominated the rest of my ‘best of’ choices below.

View the Channel Mum YouTube Channel here –


#2  Lucy Dear Beautiful

You may recognise Lucy Dear Beautiful, as I find myself regularly sharing her content on our own social media accounts.

Why did I include this channel?  Well firstly,  I’m personally in awe of her ability to produce her new daily vlogs with 3 young children.  The time, effort and commitment to her channel is inspirational. If you’ve never vlogged before, think about it being the equivalent of baking a cake every day (and no not one of those packet mixes).  Not a small job is it?

But Lucy’s channel also has a great variety of videos. From daily life, to adventures and reviews, you’ll find lots of helpful tips and advice too.

View Lucy’s Channel here –


#3  Katie Ellison

I’ve been following Katie for some time over on Instagram (@MummyDaddyMe).   Katie is an award winning family award-winning Family Travel & Lifestyle Blogger who loves to capture her adventures on video too.

I’m a huge fan of her travel vlogs as feel she not only captures the ‘feel’ through her videos but shares helpful information and truly ‘reviews’ the holiday itself.

Katie is another consistent vlogger, sharing her videos three times a week.  I just loved her Norfolk Day a the Seaside Vlog below.

View Katie’s Channel here –


#4  Belles Boutique

Laura Byrne, is the talented mum behind Belles Boutique channel.

While Laura’s channel covers pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle, she has a fab beauty section too. So when you have those limited 5 minutes, you can find out about contouring and you can create that smoky eye look too!

And of course, you won’t be able to resist watching Harrison. He’s pretty cute too!

View Laura’s channel here –


#5  Jules Furness

Another one of my Instagram favourites (particularly Jules Insta stories), I love how honest, frank and open Jules is with her content.

Another regular vlogger with a minimum of weekly shares, Jules shares the ups and downs of family life.  She is one of the bravest vloggers I know and has been sharing her experience of infertility and IVF treatment to help others who are also on the same journey.

View Jule’s channel here –


 #6  Mrs Meldrum

Mum to 2 girls, Rebecca has produced nearly 500 videos for her YouTube channel.

Her vlogs share her pregnancy journies, family adventures, shopping hauls & lots of other general life happenings!  Based in the North East of Scotland, expect to see lots of stunning scenery and insight into the life of an offshore workers wife.

You can also keep up to date with their latest news. Yep, they will soon become a family of 5!

View Rebecca’s channel here –


#7  Giovannas World

You’ll recognise Giovanna (Gi) as wife to Tom Fletcher. Mum to Buzz and Buddy, Gi has created an amazing YouTube channel around her life as an author, presenter, blogger, columnist and mum and wife.

Another vlogmas participant, Gi publishes two videos per week and you’ll find some great collaborations with other channels like Johnsons Baby.

And well, I can bet that you end up watching the Mr and Mrs Fletcher wedding video again .. and again.. and maybe again??

View Gi’s channel here –


Millie's BEach Huts youTube channel


Looking for help on a specific ‘Mum’ Problem?

If you are looking for inspiration or help with a particular problem, then hopefully you can see that YouTube is a fantastic source of help. Just use that search bar to type in a few words about what you are looking for.

See, YouTube isn’t just for those gaming pros ;0)

Do pop into the comments and let me know if II’vemissed out your favourite YouTube channel or if you are a fan of any of the above.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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