Essential Items that every Beach Hut Hire should have

essential beach hut hire items

When I first started Millie’s Beach Huts, I took the time to ask potential guests what items they saw as the essential beach hut hire items. I found it hard as both a new beach hut owner and an owner new to hiring out to work out exactly what was expected and required.  Many beach hut hires don’t have websites or full content lists published so as the research was difficult, I turned to those who would be hiring out my hut.

in comparison, when you book into a hotel, you expect a certain level of decor, facilities and those little touches in your room depending on the class that has been assigned to that hotel.  The great thing is, hotel classes exist.  It makes it easy for guest to choose based on those ratings and have their expectations clearly set.  It’s also easy to see a link between the price a guest pays and the contents that you need to add to each room.

But what about a Beach Hut Hire?  There is no rating system and thus it’s not so clear how each beach hut hire pricing relates to the contents and style.     Wouldn’t it be great for someone to take all the hassle away and provide a list of essential beach hut hire items?
While you can download a comprehensive Beach Hut Hire Content Checklist below, there are a number of necessities required in every beach hut hire.


essential beach hut hire items


Essential Beach Hut Hire Items


#1  Furniture and Storage

One of the most important aspects of your beach hut is where people will sit, where they will eat and where will you stow away all those items and spares!

Whether you opt for a day bed or inbuilt benches, you’ll need to think about foam, mattresses and any coverings (oilcloth or cotton).

You and your guests will expect enough chairs to sit inside and outside, so do take this into account. You may wish to consider a small folding table that could be placed outside too.


#2  Cooking Essentials

The ability to make a cup of tea is top of the list.  A gas kettle, mugs, teaspoons and a water container to help with transferring water from the nearest tap.

And don’t forget those tea, coffee and sugar canisters too!

You will need that gas stove too or all of the above will be useless.  I’d recommend two of those. They always break or stop working at the worst time and you don’t want to worry about guests calling with an essential item not working and being too far way to fix it.

However, it’s not just a cup of tea that guests will make in your beach hut. Take some time to brainstorm key items that you have at home like a can opener, corkscrew and bread knife.

It’s likely your guests will bring picnic essentials or on a colder day be keen to warm up some soup too.

This will be the longest part of your list, though filled with lots of small, fairly inexpensive items.


#3  Dining Essentials

Whatever style you choose, you’ll need a few plates, bowls and cutlery to make both you and your customers feel at home.

A mix of crockery and melamine can be helpful and help parents feel less anxious with any ‘clumsy’ moments.


#4 Doggy Items

If you plan to allow dogs to enjoy our beach hut, then a basic water bowl may make them feel that little bit more welcome.

I choose to add a bag just for doggies with poo bags and a water bowl. They also have their own treat jar too which I’d encourage if you are also providing tea, coffee and sugar essentials for doggy mum and dad.


#5  Winter Essentials

If you plan to hire out your beach hut over winter, then some small thoughtful additions will go a long way.

You can now buy small gas heaters which use the same gas canisters as travel stoves. Combine one of those with a big bedspread and a couple of throws and you are much more likely to have happy guests.


#6 Soft Furnishings and Decor

This part of essentials is slightly more tricky.   Some guest and owners may view a cushion or rug as an essential where others wouldn’t.

What’s important is that you consider these in the context of the customer you are aiming to attract.  Would they see it as an essential?  If so, then you need to add it to your list.

Oh but please don’t forget the bunting.  I think most guests would be disappointed to not have bunting. Wouldn’t you?


Looking to add something a bit more special?

If you are thinking about adding some extra touches to your beach hut hire, then consider games, a hot water bottle, a cake stand, champagne shaped glasses and well anything that screams a bit more luxury.  Any addition should make your customer’s life easier so think about the things they may have to load the car up with for their kids or dogs!

It really is those small items that make a difference and while a beach hut is seen to be a way to recharge, a book or magazines for all members of the family tend to be a big hit.

Remember it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Many beach hut owners shop around in sales and charity shops to kit out their beach huts.


Beach Hut Contents Checklist

Whether you are using your beach hut yourself or hiring it out, you need to equip it with some standard items to fully enjoy your beach hut.

. Here’s our comprehensive content checklist of everything you or your customers will need.

Simple and easy to use, you can even add estimated prices for each item to help generate an overall budget for your beach hut purchase.

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  1. Great tips and advice – lots of helpful hints and I think of so much stuff my mind is always buzzing but you still managed to come up with some tips I hadn’t thought of so thank you 🙏🏻

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