6 Ways to Advertise Your Beach Hut Hire for Free

Best Ways to Advertise Beach Hut Hires for Free

“Where is the best place to advertise my beach hut hire?” is one of the first questions a new beach hut owner will ask.   However, if you are a beach hut owner with one beach hut, then you are probably thinking about minimising your costs too. So is there anywhere you can do this for free?

Unlike the holiday home market, there is not a wide range of holiday rental portals to advertise on.   It really won’t take you long to review and consider each of them whether free or paid.

While I plan to challenge you in a later blog about adopting a rigid mindset of minimising costs, there are websites for beach hut hires that are free to advertise on. You also have social media options too.   Here are the best which you should consider when setting up your beach hut hire.


Best Ways to Advertise Beach Hut Hires for Free



Best Ways to Advertise Your Beach Hut Hire for Free


#1 Create a Facebook Page

While technology may not be your thing, a quick google or search on YouTube will guide you through the process to set up a facebook page.

Whilst it can seem easy to add some great photos and a description and wait for the bookings to come in, it’s not quite as simple.

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You will need to consider how to build our audience on your page and how best to keep your audience (guests) engaged.  BUT excluding the use of Facebook Adverts,  it is free of charge and a great way to advertise your beach hut hire.

More Info – https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/


#2 Beach-Huts.Com

With just under 300 beach huts for hire/rent, Beach-Huts.com ranks well in google. This makes it easy to find for guests searching for a beach hut for hire.

You need to register to use the site, though this is free and you can add photographs and enter some basic information.   There is also an availability calendar which you can populate.

If a guest is interested in hiring, they will need to contact you via phone or email to book.

I must admit this site is a little bit of a bug bear of mine given the excessive advertising across the website for other suppliers.  However, it’s been nice to see some changes over the last few months, updating it’s layout, making it slightly easier to navigate through.

More Info https://www.beach-huts.com


Best ways to advertise your beach hut hire for free - Beach Huts.com

Photo Credit: Beach-Huts.com (March 2017)

#3  ‘Things to Do’ Listings

Depending on the type of person you are trying to attract to your beach hut, it’s worth looking into any local listing sites for businesses.

An example of this is Essex Mums who let you list your business for free in their local listings, which are helpfully categorised.

Do a quick google on free listings for businesses within your own region.

More Info re Essex Mums – http://www.essexmums.com/


#4  Beach Huts 4 Hire

Another website which ranks highly with google, making it easy for guests to find.   You can add your listing for free or pay a fee to have a more prominent advert placed.

After filling in a short form with the ability to add photographs, your beach hut will be listed along with basic information.

Note there is no ability to add or update available hire dates.

More Info – http://www.beachhuts4hire.co.uk


Best ways to advertise bech hut hires for free - Beach Huts 4 Hire

Photo Credit: Beach Huts 4 Hire (March 2017)


#5  Airbnb

Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

Airbnb is any easy way for people to monetise their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions. Including your beach hut for hire.Note that while Airbnb is free to advertise, they do charge 3% commission on all bookings but they will handle payments and

Note that while Airbnb is free to advertise, they do charge 3% commission on all bookings but they will handle payments and guest will be able to search on your availability calender too.

While I have spotted a couple of beach huts advertised on Airbnb, they have only recently changed their entry forms to include cabins and 0 bed options making it easier to place your own advert.

An additional upside is that national press have bene known to use Airbnb to find properties to feature in articles.

More Info https://www.airbnb.co.uk/host/homes


#6  Your Beach Hut Association

If you have a number of beach huts for hire in your area, then your beach hut association may keep a list to provide to anyone who does inquire directly to them.

If they have a facebook page, they may also advertise this on the page for you, though in both cases, the guest would liaise with you to book and pay for their dates.

Do contact your local beach hut association to ask.



But, which one do you choose?

The big question!  You know where you can advertise for free but how on earth do you now choose.  Do you pick one, two or all of the above to advertise? Well of course it depends!

It really does depends on how you plan to run your overall business. Yep, I said it. You are running a business and your guests will expect you to be organised, easy to contact and able to answer their questions.  And for you personally, I assume you won’t want to spend hours generating what may be a very small level of income.


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When considering ways to advertise your beach hut hire, here are a few questions to consider:

  • If you choose more than one option, will you have one consolidated calender? How will you keep that updated?
  • If calenders are not updated on each site, this will generate higher queries for you to answer availability questions.
  • How often you will need to update calenders on each of the websites to keep information up to date or does it do it automatically?
  • Do you have mechanisms in place to take payment if the website doesn’t?
  • How will you provide arrival information, codes, directions etc once booked?

If you’d like to speak to other owners, do feel free to jump into our dedicated facebook group for Beach Hut owners.  Those owners who do hire out are always more than happy to help with advice.


Whatever you decided to do, it may be worth considering whether we can help.  We can offer a fully managed beach hut hire service taking care of advertising, bookings and payments.  End to end support to free your time up to enjoy your beach hut. You can read all about our service HERE or download our eBook which answers every question you may have about what we do.


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