Beach Hut Hire Questions and Answers (Q&A): Our YouTube Channel Launch

Beach Hut Hire Question and Answers: Our YouTube Channel Launch

Do you have a question about beach hut hire? Yes?

Well you are in luck as we’ve just launched our new Beach Hut Hire Q&A Channel.  Did I hear a whoop!?!?!??


Beach Hut Hire Q&A: Our YouTube Channel Launch





Hi, and welcome to the Millie’s Beach Huts Q&A channel.

I’m Vicky, and I’m the owner of Millie’s Beach Huts and I get a tonne of questions!! You name the question and I’ve definitely already been asked it.

I’ve been asked everything from how much does a beach hut cost to hire, where can I find them, how far away are the toilets and where do we get the keys?

Those questions come in day and night.

They come in by email, by text and you know that little thing called Facebook that we all love? Yeah, they pretty much appear like magic overnight and on the stroke of midnight too.

So every week, I’m gonna be uploading those questions and some answers (because I thought answers might be useful too) to this channel.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of those, just hit subscribe.

Beach Hut Hire Question and Answers: Our YouTube Channel Launch

Make sure that you subscribe and become part of the Millie’s Beach Hut Club.

I want to make sure that every guest who visits us has an amazing time and by answering these questions upfront, I’ve got a funny feeling that experience would just be that little bit better for you.

So jump in, have a little bit of fun, and if you’ve got a question, just ask.


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  1. Hello I am looking for a beach hut in the Southend area on the 17th aug where I can celebrate my partners 40th birthday with the children and his parents could come join for a sandwich and a drink to toast it! Or possibly even somewhere close ish we could sleep over on 16th and they could join us on 17th for the afternoon. Thanks in advance for getting back to us x

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