Beach Hut Decor: How to Style Your Beach Hut for Winter Use

How to Style Your Beach Hut for Winter Use Beach Hut Decor

I know many beach hut owners who love the winter season.  The comfort and peace that you can get from bunkering down in a beach hut with little gas heaters and hot chocolate, after a brisk walk on the beach is priceless.  But when it comes to changing your beach hut decor, it can all feel like too much hard work.  Do you really want to have two completely different set of contents and themes throughout the year?  How can you style your beach hut for winter use to make all so much cosier without starting all over again?

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That’s where Lynn McMurray comes in with lots of fab advice.  Having met Lynn earlier this year, I was more than intrigued by our joint love of styling but by her amazing ability to restyle a room for the seasons with just a few changes.  I was more than thrilled when she agreed to write this article specifically for beach hut owners who want to create a cosy environment to retreat to and make the most of those winter months.


How to Style Your Beach Hut for Winter Use Beach Hut Decor


How To Style Your Beach Hut for Winter Use


I know, I know. Everyone’s talking about it! It seems to be the favourite topic of conversation right now and it looks like the countdown to Christmas is on!

The fact is, it’s only a couple of weeks to go until the clocks go back.

Big sigh!  I hear you.

For most beach hut owners, there’s a certain amount of sadness around this time of year.  You’re wistfully flicking through your summer photos, reminiscing about all the wonderfully relaxing days you had at your little beach front bolt hole.

Sandcastles. Ice-cream. Beach games. Sand in your sandwiches. All but memories now.

You’re grouchily trying to accept that you’ll have to do without visits to your much-loved seaside sanctuary until the clocks spring forward once again.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What if I told you that with a bit of a seasonal update your beach hut could easily give you a restful retreat right through to spring?

While beach huts are generally synonymous with summer, with just a little bit of creative imagination, and a few key purchases, you can turn your heavenly little hideaway into a cosy corner. One that you and your guests will want to escape to at the first opportunity, all winter long.

Interested? Read on.

Introducing………….drum roll……..ta da! – The art of Seasonal Decor!


Seasonal Decor

The seasonal decorating concept, when applied to home decor, is using the changing of the seasons outside as the trigger for a bit of an update inside. By adding some seasonally inspired accents here and there, you’ll make sure your home, always feels loved, newly dressed and up to date.

We can use those same principles inside your beach hut. The good news is that it doesn’t involve painting or changing the key fixtures, fittings or furniture. It’s all about incorporating what you’ve got and working it into your new season theme.

And from what I know about beach hut owners – you love a theme!


Beach Hut Winter Decor: Theme ideas

Here, are a few ideas for themes if you want to restyle your beach hut for autumn and winter use. To make life easier, there are links to some Pinterest boards I’ve created, just to give you a feel for what I’m on about. There are also some links to a couple of specific products which I think will add the perfect seasonal touch to your theme.

The best plan is to go for a base theme which will take you right through autumn and winter. Then you can add in some specific additional touches here and there if you plan to visit for the holidays – Halloween, Christmas, etc.

You’re also going to want to choose items which are not too difficult to take out, transport, store away and bring back out next year. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pack most of your summer themed bits and bobs into a couple of plastic crates then do the same with your autumn and winter decor accents when spring rolls around again.

But hey! It’s up to you! If you’ve got the storage space – go for it big time!


Theme#1 Hunting Lodge Hut

On many estates where hunting is a favoured pastime, you’ll often find a huntsman’s hut. This is where the hunter can take shelter and rest, perhaps rustling up something tasty to sustain him for a few hours while out of the main house. Sound familiar? You might just be hunting for some peace and quiet but why not create a hunting lodge/bothy feel to your beach hut this winter?

This theme is all about hardy but cosy fabrics. Huddling in against the elements. It’s rustic, bold and manly (but you can easily add plenty of fluffy, feminine touches for all you ladies out there!)

  • Fur – fur blankets, fur cushions, fur scatter rugs. Faux is fine! Put them everywhere. On the floor, on a bench, on the backs of chairs.
  • Tartan/Plaid – Cosy brushed sheets on a day-bed or as cushion covers. You could even use a tartan sheet as a table cover!
  • Stags – They’re everywhere in this theme. How about some stag bunting? I know beach hut owners love a bit of bunting! How about some stag cushions?
  • Moose Head – How about a friendly mounted moose? There are lots of furry friends to choose from in the stores right now.

Check out my Pinterest board here for more ‘Hunting Lodge Hut style inspiration.


Theme#2 Mountain Ski Lodge

When you’re up in the mountains skiing, you’ll often come across small huts. Traditionally used for basic shelter from the weather, in ski resorts they’re now often used as a spot to rest up and enjoy a glass of mulled wine.

So how about using snow and skiing as your theme? The trick is to find snow themed products which are all about winter but don’t scream ‘Christmas!’ This theme is snowy, cosy yet energetic with all that skiing going on! Even the hardiest skiers put their feet up with a good book and a cuppa though.

And a glass of mulled wine. Don’t forget the mulled wine.

  • Fur and snowflakes – Fur works great with this theme too, but this time you can add lots of snowflakes. Look for blankets, throws and cushions with a snowflake or Fair Isle pattern. If you have cabinets or furniture in your beach hut painted in a particular colour, try to find blankets, throws or cushions which will match or tone with them.
  • Vintage Ski Posters – Pop a few of these up around the walls. Find them on Etsy.
  • Ski Decor – Jump onto Etsy and search ‘Ski Decor’ you’ll find all sorts of quirky bits and bobs for your walls from wall decals to garlands. How about some mountain bunting?
  • Ski Themed Cushion – How about a ski-themed cushion to pop in amongst the fur cushions? Loving these retro ones from

Check out my Pinterest board here for more ‘Mountain Ski Lodge’ style inspiration.


Theme#3 Winter Pastels

If Hunting Lodge and Ski Lodge are too masculine for you then this will be the perfect antidote. Your beach hut may already be painted in pastels so this theme could work perfectly for you. This theme is all about soft pastel colours, light and bright with plenty of sparkle.

Check out my Pinterest board here for more ‘Winter Pastels’ style inspiration.


How to Style Your Beach Hut for Winter Use Beach Hut Decor

Theme#4 Winter Coastal

Well, you are at the beach! This theme allows you to keep your shells and starfish but mixes them with plenty of twinkle lights to cosy things up for the time of year. Stick to a pale palette of white, cream and sand with touches of blue and grey – the colours of a winter sea.

Check out my Pinterest board here for more ‘Winter Coastal’ style inspiration.


Winter Beach Hut Essentials

There are a couple of staples I’d invest in that would work across any of these styles. Have fun shopping for items which will fit in with your chosen theme.

  • Hot water bottles
  • Battery operated twinkly lights
  • Insulated mugs
  • Hand warmers
  • Thermal sit mats

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired not to close up your beach hut for winter but embrace the season and give it a timely makeover instead.

Think of the benefits to your mental health and wellbeing, at the very time of year we all need it most.

As Scottish comedian Billy Connolly likes to say:

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes

So decide what your beach hut is going to ‘wear’ for the autumn and winter season so that you can enjoy beach life to the max.


Over To You

  • What ideas do you have for a winter beach hut makeover?
  • What theme would work best with your current colours and look?

We’d love to hear what you think – just jump into the comments section below.


About Lynn McMurray

As a former Learning and Development Business Partner and Customer Experience Specialist in the travel/airline industry, Lynn McMurray recently gave up corporate life and, with a complete career switch, is now following her passion for home interiors with the launch of her business The Seasonal Touch.

With her main focus now firmly on growing her fledgeling business, Lynn maintains a keen interest in personal/professional development and all things leading to successful entrepreneurship.

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