Feeling Down is Normal, Right?

Feeling Down 6 WAys to Improve Your Mood

Of course feeling down is normal.   We’ve all had those days where our mood isn’t quite right.   Haven’t we? For me,  last Monday was one one of those days. I was working at home on Monday and I’d had a pretty good weekend. I’d spent time with a friend and gone to a gig on Saturday night, with … Read More

Millie: How A Dog Can Change Your Life


They say having a dog can change your life and when the picture above popped up on my Facebook memories feed this morning, I couldn’t help reflect on how naturally pet owners bonded over my two days attending the 2016 Content Marketing Academy Conference this week.     Whilst I’ve come away with lots of ideas and made a very large … Read More

No Excuses: My 2016 Content Marketing Academy Conference Commitment to You


Wow – it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog.   It’s time to change that….   The 2016 Content Marketing Academy Conference     Over the last 48 hours, I’ve attended one of the most inspiring and motivational conferences that I’ve ever been too. Actually, lets scrap that sentence and start again – it wasn’t ONE of the … Read More

Behind The Scenes (BTS): Our new approach to customer experience


Have you heard about the latest BAD customer experience example? It’s not been possible to open a social media feed today without seeing the saga unfold around Balgonie Castle and as at 9.22pm tonight, the facebook post initiated by Lauren Ann Hammond showing the social media comments that created such a storm had been shared 24.3k times! I won’t repeat … Read More

Behind the Scenes (BTS): Better Late than Never


I woke up this morning with a one of those niggles, I knew if I couldn’t come up with a solution to a problem that had come up, I was going to have to push the official opening dates of the new beach huts for hire back. I was going to be LATE – queue feeling of dread. I’m a … Read More

Logical and Rational or Creative and Intuitive: Can I be both?


Exactly one week ago, I found myself close to tears in an interview.… and I was the one interviewing! Yep…. . that’s’ me, that strong accountant who has to deal with challenging discussions every day but a sad story on Facebook or X Factor and I’m in tears. In this case, I was part of a team interviewing for the … Read More