20 Gifts For A Beach Hut Fan in 2016

20 Gifts for a Beach Hut Fan - Christmas 2016

With many of us taking advantage of Black Friday sales, it’s clear that we’re now on the very quick countdown towards Christmas.    The summer is starting to feel like a distant memory. But for those of us who are beach hut addicts, our love of them doesn’t end with summer. But what on earth do you buy a beach … Read More

Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I created Millie


As a 2016 Towergate Beach Hut of the Year Finalist, Millie, our latest addition to Millie’s Beach Huts has certainly attracted a lot of attention.  We find out tomorrow if she has made the Top 5 but either way, I’m a little proud.  Whilst not providing traditional Beach Hut Decor Ideas, she’s broken the mould with her bright, fun interior … Read More

The Best Beach Hut Insurance Companies in the UK (Reviews/Ratings)

best beach hut Insurance Review

I often get lots of questions from individuals looking to buy their first beach hut.  It’s such an exciting time but also, they are looking to make sure they know all about the ongoing costs including beach hut insurance. Insurance at the best of time can be daunting but when they are very few in the marketplace, it can feel … Read More

Beach Hut Decor: 10 Ideas under £20

Beach Hut Decor Under £20 Flamingo Print

Are you looking to update your Beach Hut Decor? As those summer days inch ever closer, the shops have also been filling up with products to allow you to reflect the coastal look either in your beach hut or at home.  Beach Hut Decor is definitely on trend right now. Whilst I’ve loved having a snoop around the shops, I … Read More

Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I created Isla

Beach Hut Decor Ideas

It’s no surprise given the style of our beach huts that I often get asked for interior decor advice or beach hut decor ideas.  From paint, furniture and flooring to the accessories I add to each beach hut hire, I frequently get asked where and how I bought them.  I’m always pleased to share, particularly if they will generate business … Read More

How to Finance Your Beach Hut Purchase: Buying a Beach Hut

How to Finance Your Beach Hut Purchase Buying a Beach hut

Time and time again, when I tell people what I do, it’s not long before I hear the words “oooh, I’d love a beach hut.   But I just can’t afford it”.  Beach Huts are renowned as being expensive after all.   However, if you can’t get that beach hut dream out of your head, you will inevitably need to work out … Read More

Where can I find a Beach Hut for Hire?

Where to find a beach hut for hire

Hiring a Beach Hut: Where to find a beach hut for hire You’ve read all about how much a beach hut hire costs, what to do if the weather isn’t quite on your side and you are now ready to find a beach hut for hire.  But where do you start? How do you find a beach hut for hire? Now … Read More

Beach Hut Hire: How much does it cost to hire a beach hut?

How much does beach hut hire cost?

How much does a Beach Hut Hire cost? Whenever I’m looking at ideas for a day out, the total cost of the day  is always one of the first questions I have.  I really shouldn’t be surprised that one of the first questions that our guests have when they come across our beach huts for hire is “How much does … Read More

Behind The Scenes (BTS): Our new approach to customer experience


Have you heard about the latest BAD customer experience example? It’s not been possible to open a social media feed today without seeing the saga unfold around Balgonie Castle and as at 9.22pm tonight, the facebook post initiated by Lauren Ann Hammond showing the social media comments that created such a storm had been shared 24.3k times! I won’t repeat … Read More

Why are beach huts expensive to buy?


Parents “How much did they cost?” Me “The basic build was £12.5k then you added on interior options.  It’s a new beach hut build and in great location right next to Walton Pier” Parents:  “Ok but if you can’t sleep in it, surely It has water and electricity, though, doesn’t it???” Me:   “Sigh…Errrr no, there is a tap and … Read More