Where can I find a Beach Hut for Hire?

Where to find a beach hut for hire

Hiring a Beach Hut: Where to find a beach hut for hire

You’ve read all about how much a beach hut hire costs, what to do if the weather isn’t quite on your side and you are now ready to find a beach hut for hire.  But where do you start? How do you find a beach hut for hire?

Now let me be honest, I don’t think that we as Beach Hut Owners make this easy for you and despite the growing popularity of beach huts, we are very much behind the curve compared to accommodation providers. I’ll be the first to say that I’m still working on a number of improvements and it took me a year to launch our own online booking (apologises again and I promise to keep improving our site!!).

I’ve personally found it frustrating when booking beach huts from the lack of social media presence, inability to check availability and book online to big, clunky, advert filled websites.  If you are unlucky enough to have left it late in the season before bookings, the combination of all of this can make it even more frustrating as you work through several that take forever to respond with the standard “sorry we are fully booked”.

Hopefully, you’ll appreciate that as most beach owners own one beach hut and tend to hire out around their holidays and usage, it can be expensive and time-consuming to set up websites and social media for just ‘one’ beach hut.   I suspect that this cost and time alone puts several owners off creating websites and social media pages, making it harder for you to find and book.

However, with a few hints and tips, I can help you navigate the sleepy world of beach hut hire.  Soon, you’ll have found your ideal beach hut for your day at the beach.

Finding a beach hut for hire

 #1 Google

It sounds simple but you really should ‘Google It’.   Goole is the first place to start and I’d recommend googling “Beach Hut Hire in xxx” with xxx representing the location you wish to search.  As an example, you could search “Beach Hut Hire in Dovercourt” or “Beach Hut Hire in Essex”.   Also, try googling “Beach Hut to Rent in xxx” as several beach hut hires use this alternative term.

The reason I say that you should google first is that it’s those beach hut hire businesses that come up in the first couple of pages that are more than likely to have a website with lots of information and potential to check availability and book online.  If they’ve gone to the trouble of ensuring google finds them and puts their website in the first couple of google searches then, it’s likely that they’ll have gone that bit further – easy booking and potentially the chance to read reviews, any time of day!


#2 Referrals

If you are on social media – then why not pop a status on your facebook page, snapchat, twitter etc that you are looking to find a beach hut for hire.  We’ve all responded to friends who have asked for help and you’ll know you are being referred to somewhere from people you trust or may not be as well known.


#3 Dedicated Beach Hut Hire Websites

There are two major websites that offer listings of beach huts for hire (and for sale):

Beach-Huts.com – http://www.beach-huts.com/

Whilst the most comprehensive of the two websites I’ve listed, I find this quite a difficult website to use due to its layout, text size and a lot of adverts. This is very much my own opinion and I find myself taking a deep breath before using the website.  However, once you get past that ‘noise’, you’ll find a great search function which allows you to search by location and without a doubt is the most used site to list beach huts for hire.

In addition, the site has a more advanced search function that allows you to search for nearby facilities and also on availability and price.   A slightly caution warning when you are using the advanced search as not all owners have fully completed their listing and I know I personally have never used the calendar functionality on this site to show Millie’s Beach Huts availability.

The must useful aspect of this site is that it does allow you to email each of the listings from the website itself and many have a telephone number or website address in their description that you can use to also get in contact.


Beach Huts for Hire – http://www.beachhuts4hire.co.uk/

A more user-friendly website though whilst on the face of it doesn’t have as much functionality as the Beach-Huts.com website, due to the fact that not all owners fully complete the details, I don’t feel it detracts from the value of the site.

This website does charge for additional photos and thus, you may find slightly fewer pictures of each hut but the layout of the information and ease of searching by location is good.

You can email owners direct through this website too with prices listed however you cannot search on availability and will need to contact to enquire about dates.


#3 Social Media

This is, of course, my favourite way to find a beach hut and how I found my own first two beach hut days out.  It’s quite simple really –

My first tip is to do a direct search within facebook or twitter or any of your favourite social media platforms.    It’s quite simple really – in the search button on your favourite social media page – just type in “beach hut” and see what comes up – you could add a location too.  Look for a “book now” button or website link in the bios or about sections.   You may be surprised to find the odd beach hut hire page that isn’t listed elsewhere but also allows you to see more photos and reviews before booking.

Secondly, if you are not a member of a local ‘Mum’ facebook page, then I’d highly recommend.  The best examples I’ve seen of this is 8 out of 10 Mums and Essex Mums and I’m sure they’ll exist in your area too.  Either pop a question as a post itself or use the search section on their pages for a beach hut.  You’ll find reviews and adverts scattered throughout.

My third recommendation for Social Media is to find the Beach Hut Association in your area and check whether they are on facebook. Many keep a list of Beach Huts for hire that they’ll be willing to share with you.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a beach hut in a particular area then do see if there is a ‘community’ page.   You’ll find that a post on these pages will generate some ideas re where to find a beach hut for hire in that particular location as many owners live locally and can at least point you to some options.

#4 Local Authority (Council) Websites

Now if you’ve already googled, it’s highly likely that you’ve already found several of these websites listing their own beach huts for hire.  However just in case, I wanted to flag this great resource.

Firstly, several local authorities have beach huts for hire direct via themselves on their own websites.  A great example of this is Bournemouth who has a fantastic page where you can log in, check availability and select a beach hut for hire.   They have lots of great information and maps available given a large number of beach huts they have available for hire.   You should definitely look at this as a great road trip and check out the Cath Kidston inspired beach huts (of course I’m not jealous!).


Still can’t find a Beach Hut for Hire?

Now if you’ve exhausted all of the above options and still searching for a Beach Hut to Hire – do they actually exist where you are looking? Sorry, I am joking. I really do understand how frustrating it is having spent many hours searching for beach huts for hire in different locations for my own use.   I have my fingers crossed that this improves.

I’m in the process of pulling together a large directory of all websites for you which will aid but in the meantime, you may wish to read our Best Huts for Hire in Essex and Best Beach Huts for Hire in the UK for inspiration.

If you really are still at a lost – this sounds like a challenge that I’d love.  Just drop me a comment, email, message … anything really… and I’ll see what I can do to help.  Two heads are sometimes better than one and it will be fun finding you that elusive beach hut for hire.

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  1. Thankyou for such a beautiful website packed with useful information! I currently own a 2 bedroomed beach chalet at Humberston Fitties (its called Era Vintage Beach Chalet) and am looking at downsizing and buying a beach hut instead. Mainly because I run a hen rescue so don’t get to go away overnight much.
    I’m soaking up the brilliant information you have been kind enough to publish and have applied to join the Facebook group.
    Alexis Shortbread aka Samantha White O’Boyle

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