Our 2016 Beach Hut Hire Guests

2016 beach hut hire guests

It seems apt that on the day most schools return and we start to think of Autumn, that I welcome our 200th guest.  All of our 2016 beach hut hire guests have been very special.  However hitting the 200 mark feels like a major milestone. The 2016 summer season hasn’t been without its challenges.  Having started 2016 with two beach huts … Read More

15 Tips to Get Your Beach Hut Hire Off The Ground

Get your beach hut hire off the ground

Getting your beach hut hire business off the ground can be stressful, frustrating and hugely rewarding.  Yes, all three, at the same time!   Those months and days up to greeting your first guests can be a rollercoaster. I remember them fondly now but haven’t forgotten the nerves and anxiety too. When it comes to information about beach huts and beach … Read More

My 10 top tips for Beach Hut Purchase to Hiring out Success

Beach Hut Decor Harley Beach Hut Hire Walton

Harley is my fifth beach hut purchase and my quickest turnaround yet.  I made an offer on the beach hut on the (6th July) and welcomed my first beach hut hire guests on the 30th July.   A record of 23 days between beach hut purchase to hiring out.  I was actually out of the country for 6 of those days, making … Read More

Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I created Harley

Beach Hut Decor Harley Beach Hut Hire Walton

Harley is the latest addition to the Millie’s Beach Hut family who opened on the 30th July 2016.  Having shared videos and pictures of him for the very first time this weekend, I’ve been a tad overwhelmed by the fantastic response to the choice of décor and style.   Despite being shortlisted for Towergate’s Beach Hut of the Year two years … Read More

Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I created Millie


As a 2016 Towergate Beach Hut of the Year Finalist, Millie, our latest addition to Millie’s Beach Huts has certainly attracted a lot of attention.  We find out tomorrow if she has made the Top 5 but either way, I’m a little proud.  Whilst not providing traditional Beach Hut Decor Ideas, she’s broken the mould with her bright, fun interior … Read More

Best Beach Huts for Hire in Essex

Best Beach Huts to Hire in Essex

Looking for a Beach Hut for Hire in Essex? For the second year running, a Millie’s Beach Hut has featured as a Top Ten Towergate Beach Hut of the Year and whilst it has been hard work, I now know the most important qualities a great beach hut should have.   I’ve visited, rented, googled, purchased, surveyed our guests and worked … Read More

Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I created Isla

Beach Hut Decor Ideas

It’s no surprise given the style of our beach huts that I often get asked for interior decor advice or beach hut decor ideas.  From paint, furniture and flooring to the accessories I add to each beach hut hire, I frequently get asked where and how I bought them.  I’m always pleased to share, particularly if they will generate business … Read More

Where can I find a Beach Hut for Hire?

Where to find a beach hut for hire

Hiring a Beach Hut: Where to find a beach hut for hire You’ve read all about how much a beach hut hire costs, what to do if the weather isn’t quite on your side and you are now ready to find a beach hut for hire.  But where do you start? How do you find a beach hut for hire? Now … Read More