What Happens if the Weather is Bad? 8 Tips for your Beach Hut Hire in Bad Weather

Beach Hut Hire in Bad Weather

Hiring a Beach Hut in Bad Weather

With our beach huts selling out weeks in advance, it would be so much easier if I could order the weather to suit!    If only every day was sunny, clear and warm.  So what happens if my requests for the sunshine don’t work for every beach hut hire and the great British weather doesn’t live up to those expectations?  Is it all bad news if you find yourself in a beach hut hire in bad weather?

Firstly, I do keep an eye on the weather and if it’s blowing a hoolie (in non-Scottish terms there are severe storms forecast), then we will offer you to rebook and waive our admin fees.   I know this can feel subjective, however, think weather warnings and I’ll be in touch before your visit to offer some alternatives if this is the case.  You can, of course, decide to go ahead with the day if you wish – I could imagine sitting behind Isla’s glass doors and watching a big storm would be fascinating and a great spot for photographers!

But what if we haven’t been advised to batten down the hatches but the weather is forecasting rain?  Don’t worry rain or shine, I’ve got you covered, just ask our guests who hired one of our beach huts during the winter season.

The Brown and Jones Family – Christmas Eve Beach Hut Hire

Carly’s Winter Beach Hut Hire

George’s Winter Beach Hut Hire

Whilst it would be easy for me to recommend packing up the gadgets to give the kids something to do – that’s not entirely in the spirit of a day out at the beach (including a distinct lack of power points to recharge).  But still don’t worry, here are my 8 tips for your Beach Hut Hire when the weather is bad.

Beach Hut Hire in Bad Weather


Eight Tips for a Beach Hut Hire in Bad Weather


#1  Remember that a forecast can change

You’ve been checking the weather every five minutes and despite praying that it would change, you are about to leave and it still looks like the rain and/or fog is there for the day.   Whilst it doesn’t always change, I would say that you should be prepared for changing forecasts throughout the day and that the coast can feel different from just a few miles inland.

On my last visit to the beach huts, I found myself wrapped up in a jumper before 9am and suddenly the clouds lifted, the sun appeared and I had a little sun trap for the afternoon.   No matter what the weather says, do pack warm and light clothes – you may find it interchangeable and you never know that rain my lift for part of the day!  A spare layer can always be helpful too if you find yourself caught out by rain on a walk.


#2 Consider Your Party Size

When booking a summer date, the last thing on your mind will be worrying about the weather but if it doesn’t look favourable and you have 8 people due to come for the day, you may wish to reconsider numbers.   Our beach huts are in very basic terms a 12x8ft shed and whilst it may not be possible, reducing numbers on a bad weather day may help increase your overall experience.


#3  Pack some warm food options

If you are trying to keep the cost of the day down, with frying pans and large saucepans, there are lots of options to you to keep warm throughout the day.   A firm favourite of our guests is bacon rolls and lunch hotdogs for the kids but stew and soup are also possible.   On my own last visit, we cooked up a huge batch of pasta with a jar of sauce to keep us all going and that was on a sunny day!

Just remember that cooking on a single ring gas stove may take a little longer – start lunch early!


#4 Board and Card Games

Each of our huts is fully stocked with Scrabble, Pirate Snakes and Ladders, Dominoes and various card games including Pirate Snap, Uno and a normal card deck.   I found a great site with ideas for card games to play here at NetMums – Go Fish is a firm favourite of my own (and no of course I’m not competitive!).


#5 Colouring In

In both beach huts, you’ll find a design by Ace Illustrations who kindly designed our very own colouring in sheet along with others including Jamie’s restaurants.  You can’t have a colouring in sheet without pencils – just look out for a pink box in our beach huts.  Don’t forget to send us a picture!

Don’t forget to send us a picture!


#6  Read a Book

I was a bit of a bookworm when I was younger and loved taking the time to choose the ‘right’ books to go into our beach huts.  Think pirates and seaside themes and you won’t be far off track with our range of children’s’ books.  Bring a few magazines and books for yourself, whilst the kids take some time out to read.


#7  Carry out a Mini Photo Shoot

Some of my favourite beach hut hire pictures received from guests was from Sonya and her friends who had hired a beach hut for a girly day out before they booked themselves into our local award winning spa – The Lifehouse Spa and Hotel.  Think about the funniest faces, poses and scenes you can create – you could always make a video too – the start of your own YouTube channel perhaps?


#8  Don’t forget our Four Legged Friends

What don’t you love the wet dog smell?  Ok, I admit that it’s not my favourite smell either.   On a normal dry day, I tend to have at least one towel and dog bed with me for Millie, and I increase the quantity when the weather isn’t particularly great (how hard is it to get dog towels to dry in the rain!).     The one tip I’d add to this, is to bring chew toys and/or treats with you.  Millie is a huge fan of cow ears so I always seem to have a few in my handbag or car to help her settle indoors on those bad weather days.

The one tip I’d add to this, is to bring chew toys and/or treats with you.  Millie is a huge fan of cow ears so I always seem to have a few in my handbag or car to help her settle indoors on those bad weather days.


Still scratching your head for ideas?

If you are still at a loss for ideas and struggling to occupy the kids, then I’ve also pulled together a Pinterest board with ideas for indoor activities.  Hopefully, this will fuel some further inspiration.

Pinterest Board – Beach Hut Indoor Activity Inspiration

Do let us know if we’ve missed out your favourite indoor activity  – we’d love to add to our list.

Vicky xx

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