20 Gorgeous Gifts for a Beach Hut fan


Gift GuideWith the summer seeming like a distance memory, we’re racing towards Christmas and whilst many of you may have started, finished and wrapped your Christmas shopping, you may be more like me and just started on that difficult task of choosing the perfect gifts for your friends and family!!!

Having hunted high and low for unique and handmade gifts for all three of our beach huts and having received some amazing gifts from friends and family which are in the huts or at home, its been a great excuse to combine my love of Christmas and Beach Huts into the below gift guide.  If you do know someone who is a beach hut fan or lucky enough to own one, they will be counting down to spring days and being able to get down to their beach hut for a spring clean and the first signs of spring!   That unique and personal gift will help get them through winter and start planning their décor for 2016 or a great addition to nautical/beach hut themed room.


We all know that those hints don’t always work so why not share the post with that ‘forgetful’ other half who is planning his Christmas Eve shopping dash, tag him on every social media site possible, and leave your browser open on this page (maybe even a post it note highlighting the ones you love!)…. they do need all the help they can get!    Ok .. maybe share it a few times in the run up to Christmas… you can guarantee that way you won’t need to ask for the receipt.

Failing that.. pop back in January and you may have some luck in the sales (and leave some bigger hints for your next celebration!)


Gifts for Beach Hut Fans 2015

1. Round Wooden Porthole Mirror

Porthole mirror

Perfect for a cloakroom or hallway for a beach hut fan who is looking to bring in some subtle hints into their home décor.   Can be hung individually or perhaps purchase more than one to hang collectively (inspired by some previous guest pictures of their cloakroom –  I have one now proudly hanging in our own downstairs cloakroom).


2. Sunjellies BasketSunjellies

In a gorgeous range of colours, Sunjellies baskets are available in this retro basket style or totes (and in two sizes!).    Just have a look at their Pinterest page to see that these baskets aren’t just brilliant to hold all your goodies for a day at the beach… they look just as good in the home too!  Can I have Daisy please?

3. Handmade Beach Hut Driftwood Decoration

Driftwood beach hut
 Hello Sunshine Cornwall makes these delicious handmade beach huts in a wide range of designs.   There isn’t much on her page that I don’t love and these will be a BIG feature in our own beach huts christmas décor (I’d recommend checking out their fab hanging lollies too!)

4. Beach Hut Lego

beach hut lego

Perfect for children or those big kids in your life, you can rebuild this design into a summer shack with pool or summer cottage by the sea.  Hours of fun.

5. Silver Charm BraceletSilver Charm Bracelet

The Jewellery Hut based on Mersea Island have a wonderful range of beach themed jewellery – we love this charm bracelet featuring a beach hut, starfish and crab.

6. Billy’s Beach Hut Candles and Reed DiffusersBilly's Beach Hut

Specialising in Eco Friendly Candles and Reed Diffusers lovingly and individually hand poured here on the Sussex coast, Billy’s Beach Hut diffusers and candles come in a wide range of scents and the presentation is stunning!   You can order via their facebook page (whilst enviously checking out their stunning campervan too!).

7. Roberts Revival DAB Radio

Roberts DAB Radio
 Perfect for a beach hut or the home, this DAB radio is in one of my favourite Clarke and Clarke designs.   I was lucky enough to pick one up on Black Friday with 50% off via John Lewis.  Have a shop around as stocked by a few retailers.

8. Beach Hut Cake Stand

 You can find Fused Glass by Emily on her facebook page and whilst you’ll spot a plethora of Christmas gifts, she also makes these stunning cake stands.   You can even ask her to make one into a clock design!

9. Lusty Glaze Beach Gift Voucher

Lusty Glaze


If you have a holiday planned in Cornwall or need an excuse to plan one, Lusty Glaze Gift Vouchers come in £10, £20 and £50 denominations.   Having stayed at their beach front cottage in October, I can’t rate highly enough. Valid for 12 months and you may find yourself dancing barefoot at a Sundowner Session to dinner overlooking the ocean – one of the best beach fixes you can buy.

10. Deckchair Couple Print

Deckchair print

Ace Illustrations is a unique collection of lively limited edition prints with each print numbered and signed by the artist Angus Crook. With many seaside based options, this is one of our favourites and you’ll spot this around our own home.   You can personalise all prints with quotes and have them mounted and framed.

11. Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook

Saltwater cookbook
 Available via Watergate Bay Hotel, the perfect gift for those who love cooking.  Cornwall flaunts a beach lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with a simple, back-to-nature way of cooking. From beach barbeques to fine dining feasts, this is a cook book full of real food for real people, bringing you face to face with recipes and the inspiration behind them.

12. Beach Huts Mug

Beach hut mug

 The very first gift we received after purchasing our beach huts from my mum is still available to buy.   Made from super fine china, they have a contemporary style and perfect fro those who love a ‘larger’ cup of tea in the morning.

13. Silver Beach Hut BangleSilver Beach Hut Bangle

By Tinysilver Jewellery, this beach hut bangle  is solid sterling silver and hand cut.  Great for those who prefer a simpler but sophisticated style of jewellery.

14. Beach Hut Scarf

Beach Hut Scarf
100% cotton, this Brakeburn scarf is versatile and unique.   Perfect for providing a little bit of warmth on a day out at the beach.

15. Life is Better with Salty Toes – Ceramic Hanging Plaque

Salty Toes pic

From another of our favourite small businesses, Spotty Dog Design creates a wide range of ceramics.  Her hanging plaques would be a great stocking filler and can be ordered in a range of colours and diff phrases.

16. Lightbury Lighthouse Cushion

Lighthouse Cushion
I love the touch of pink on this nautical themed cushion from Joules.  Perfect for layering with contrasting colour or making a bold statement on its own – bring a little bit of the seaside to your home.

17. Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub

Seasalt scrub

Essex Soap Box handmade this Dead Sea salt foot scrub, enriched with jojoba and sweet almond oil. Fragranced with coconut and peppermint tea, perfect for those days when you can’t make it to the beach.

18. Personalised Vintage Wooden Beach Hut Sign

Beach Hut Sign
You don’t need a beach hut to own this lovely sign by Delightful Living – it could be a great addition to a room or that garden shed that you are planning to revamp.  You can personalise your wooden sign with your own choice of words, from Beach Huts to Garden Sheds to Family Party’s to Dad’s Secret Den, the choice is yours.

19. Anchor Carnival Light

Anchor CArnival light

This statement light is a recent addition to my sewing room and can be propped on a shelf or mounted on a wall.  I loved the fact you an power this via batteries or main connection (adaptor provided).   Also available with colour lights and other metal colours available.

20. Or… their very own Beach Hut

 If you really want to spoil them then winter is one of the best times to snap up a beach hut.  It gives you plenty of time to renovate, repair or decorate pre the summer season and you may also find a bargain!  Read our previous blog re what to consider when buying a beach hut and how to find one.

So tell us – what’s your favourite and will be featuring at the top of your Wish List? Leave us a comment below  and don’t leave it to chance… share this post.




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