Christmas Eve Beach Hut Hire: The Jones and Brown Family Day Out in Essex




Christmas can be hectic and when you start to make plans to spend time with family and friends, not everyone will immediately think of a trip to Walton-on-the-Naze to hire a beach hut.  But even if they did, they may not go so far as packing some beachwear including their shorts.

This is however exactly what Ali did when she visited with her family on Christmas Eve, 2015.      Whilst Ali and her family had our dazzling yellow hut, Harley, they also hired out our beachy blue hut Millie for their neighbours.

We caught up with both the Jones and Brown families to find out more about their day (and just exactly what inspired the shorts!):


When did you visit Millie’s Beach Huts?

Jones Family -June, September & December 2015, including Christmas Eve

Brown Family – September and December 2015

Isn’t a beach hut just for summer, sun, sea and sand??? (aka really … you hired a beach hut in winter!)

Jones Family – The beach hut is amazing in the summer, no doubt about it, but there’s nothing better than a beach hut on a crisp winters day!

Brown Family – Not at all, it’s for fun, whatever the weather


Who did you bring with you?

Jones Family – My parents, sister and brother in law and my dog Lily. My neighbours rented Millie at the same time, so we had friends next door.

Brown Family – Family, friends and dogs

Where did you travel from?

Jones and Brown Family – Feering

Describe your day at the beach hut in one sentence…

Jones – The most wonderful, relaxing Christmas eve!

Brown Family – It was awesome, the weather was great, the  beach hut was excellent and the company was brilliant


Why did you choose Millie’s Beach Huts?

Jones Family – We’d had days at Millie’s beach huts in the summer and loved it so much we just had to book Christmas eve as something different to do

Brown Family – Recommended by a good friend

What advice would you give to someone planning their day at the beach huts?

Jones – Make the most of your day, you can get in early and leave quite late

Brown Family –  Turn up early and leave late. Don’t forget a jumper for the evening


Our huts are filled with lots of handmade items by very clever small businesses (and some Cath Kidston for good measure)… do you have a favourite item?

Jones Family – We all absolutely love the decor, everything compliments the beach hut so well. The coasters, dresser and artwork are particular favourites.

Brown Family – Yes, the kettle is beautiful. It is all wonderful and works together very well


What’s the one item that you’d recommend everyone brings with them for a day at the beach?

Jones Family – Prosecco!

Brown Family – A towel for wet dogs


What name would you give your own beach hut?

Jones Family – Lily of Laguna (named after my dog, of course!)

Brown Family – Marcus


I feel that everyone who has visited has played a part in the beach huts design – we’re opening Isla in just a few months – any special requests?

Jones Family – You have a real knack for creating beautiful, welcoming spaces – keep doing what you do! I love that a lot of things in the huts are locally made

Brown Family – Just keep with a similar design as Millie and Harley, perhaps add a plant.


So … you are stranded on a desert island beach, what three things would you bring with you?

Jones Family – My dog,  a sketch book & a brew kit!

Brown Family – A cup, a knife and my dog.


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