Meet our Beach Hut Hire Owners: John and Helen, owner of Mickey and Minnie

Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts

Ever wondered who the owner is behind our beach huts? While I own three of the beach huts that we have for hire, we work with a number of other hut owners both on styling and managing their beach hut hire.  But who are they? Why did they buy a beach hut and what inspired their decor?

In this series of blog posts, we’ll get to know each of the individuals behind these gorgeous beach huts (Biased?? Noooo.. never!).

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Today we are talking to John and Helen. With a love of car boot sales and beach huts, John and Helen have been great fun to work with (and Helen’s a dab hand with a drill which has come in very handy during their huts renovations).  But today, it’s all about their beach huts Mickey and Minnie which you can find in Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex.


Beach Hut Hire Owners Eastlcliff Walton on the Naze Essex


Meet our Beach Hut Hire Owners: John and Helen, Owner of Mickey and Minnie

Let’s get started with a few quick-fire questions (just for fun!):

  • Coffee or tea? Tea
  • Winter or summer? Summer
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs
  • Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise
  • Introvert or extrovert? Introvert

What made you want to purchase a beach hut in Walton-on-the-Naze and how long have you owned it for?

Have you been to the Eastcliff part of Walton-on-the-Naze?? No??  Well, we think it’s a little bit of heaven.

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When we first walked our dogs along the beach it amazed us there was something for everyone. Lovely promenade, sand with plenty of shells for the youngsters and best of all when the tide is out tiny rock pools where crabs and other sea creatures can be found.

Another fascinating pointer is just round corner there’s a maritime museum, water tower, visitors centre, children’s park and apparently an abundance of shark teeth.  We’ve found the children (and adults if the truth be known) love searching for these.

However, as always, we had to think about some of the basics like the toilets and cafes.  Thankfully, they were just a few huts away – prime position!


Beach Hut Hire Eastcliff Walton on the Naze Essex


Can you tell us a bit more about Mickey and Minnie?

Both the beach huts, while loved by their previous owners, had been a little neglected.  There was a LOT of exterior and interior work to be done

New trap doors were installed to make sure the balconies could be fully enclosed for ‘little people’ and our four-legged friends.  The interiors were completely overhauled with new boarding and on and on and on.  It was definitely a case of neding to see beyond the disrepair and see their full potential at the point we purchased them!


Mickey and Minnie - the before picture

The Before Photo! (Photo Credit: Ten Hut Ltd)


I have to admit I was a little worried when Vicky first suggested the theme for both huts.  Was she mad!?!?!?

I’d seen her other beach huts so decided to stay quiet and see how things worked out lol.  A few months down the line and she has styled both huts to the highest standard thinking of every detail possible …. we are both chuffed to pieces on how both huts look inside and out.

(I was also a little doubtful about their names and theme at times but it’s so been worth it.  You can read all about the inspiration behind Mickey and Minnie on our sperate blog below.  You’ll find a list of where we purchased the interior items from too! Vicky)

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Are you looking forward to the summer months?  What’s the best bit of a beach hut day?

A huge part of our choice too was having the two huts together. It’s so nice to have a bigger gathering sometimes and bring our family and friends together for special occasions.

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Now that all the hard work is complete, we can’t wait for those first days of summer when we can finally sit and enjoy the view.  No more lists and no more last minute decor decisions.  Us, the dogs and beach hut life!


Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts


Do you visit your beach hut all year round?

Luckily for us, both huts can be used all year round ( heaters included lol).  However, late summer and early winter is our best time.

Having our 2 dogs, Mac and Treacle, it’s a real treat to see them both enjoy the beach off their leads. You can find that you’ll have the whole beach to yourselves and can still get great weather.


Treacle our dog dressed up as Minnie Mouse

When writing this blog I had every intention of adding much better photos of myself and our dogs, etc., etc. but unfortunately technology and I don’t get on too well!  So for now, here’s one of our little dog Treacle dressed as Minnie (Helens idea obviously, I’ve not become a Mickey and Minnie addict at all… have I!?!?!?)


What made you decide to hire out your beach hut?

Helen and I both lead busy lives. I’m a window cleaner and Helen is a carer.  Getting time to spend together is hard and so we place a high value on how we spend that time.

That’s why we asked Vicky to help us with letting Mickey and Minnie out so that we aren’t tied up with around admin.   It would be a shame to leave them idle when other people can enjoy them too.  We can’t wait to see them being loved as much as we love them too!

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You can find more photos and check availability

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