Beach Hut Hire: What is a Beach Hut?

Being Scottish, you won’t be surprised that the concept of a beach hut was a new thing to me until 2014. While I’d seen lots of home decor and picture postcards of quaint coloured wooden huts, I’d never actually stepped foot into or even near one until that life-changing day back in September 2014. Read More: Our Story It’s Not … Read More

Thinking About Hiring a Millie’s Beach Hut? Beach Hut Hire Locations

Where are Millie's Beach Huts Thumbnail PPT

Wow! I never knew that you could hire a beach hut.  Where are your beach huts? For many people who stumble upon our social media accounts, this is the first question they ask! And while you may have heard us talk about our ambitions to have a Millie’s Beach Hut on every UK coastline, we are a young, growing business. Yes … Read More

What is a Beach Hut? Beach Hut Hire Q&A

What is a beach hut? Beach Hut Hire Q&A

Isn’t a beach hut just a shed?  No? Well, what is a Beach Hut? I’m always amazed at how many people still ask me this question but with around 10,000 beach huts in the UK, they aren’t exactly the norm. Particularly if you are talking to someone from Scotland or Ireland. So, dive in below. I’ll cover the basics like … Read More

Where Can I Park when Hiring a Beach Hut in Walton-on-the-Naze (Southcliff), Essex?

Where Can I Park when Hiring a Beach Hut in Walton-on-the-Naze (Southcliff), Essex?

Wondering where you can park when hiring a beach hut in Walton-on-the-Naze? Our first video in our new Beach Hut Hire Q&A Channel answers that very question. More than helpful if you are booked into Skye, Millie, Harley, Isla, Sunnysands or The Glasshouse who are all based in the Southcliff part of Walton-on-the-Naze. So, do you want to know where to park, … Read More

Beach Hut Hire Questions and Answers (Q&A): Our YouTube Channel Launch

Beach Hut Hire Question and Answers: Our YouTube Channel Launch

Do you have a question about beach hut hire? Yes? Well you are in luck as we’ve just launched our new Beach Hut Hire Q&A Channel.  Did I hear a whoop!?!?!??   Beach Hut Hire Q&A: Our YouTube Channel Launch     VIDEO TRANSCRIPT   Hi, and welcome to the Millie’s Beach Huts Q&A channel. I’m Vicky, and I’m the … Read More