Looking for a Flower Subscription Box Direct To Your Door? A Review of Freddie’s Flowers

Earlier this year when I launched our own monthly subscription, Millie’s Beach Hut Club, I spent a LOT of time researching the monthly and weekly subscriptions that are on offer within the UK.  Wow, there were a lot of options! Subscription boxes are hugely popular in the US and the UK is quickly catching up.  From sample beauty boxes like Birchbox and boxes full of sweets and chocolate such as Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club to monthly subscription boxes for your Pets like Barkbeats.  For those who are time poor or looking for an unusual gift, there really is something for everyone including a beautiful flower subscription.

There are now several companies offering flower subscription boxes to your door. While the most well-known flower subscription box is Bloom and Wild, I stumbled across Freddie’s Flowers via Instagram. I decided to give them a try and having just had my second delivery of flowers from them, thought it was about time I shared my review.


Freddie's Flower Subscription Box to your door


A Review of Freddie’s Flowers: Weekly Flower Subscription


Price and Frequency

The first thing to point out is that Freddie’s Flowers is a weekly subscription service which is not time limited in length. This in comparison to those who provide a monthly subscription or boxes delivered for a set period of time such as 1, 3 or 6 months.

For each week’s box, you will be charged £20 to either a direct debit or credit card.   It is worth noting that they do offer a referral link which offers you a free first box (excl. delivery) and I used this to order my first box. I’ve included a link to one at the end of this blog for you too.

As I live outside of their free delivery areas (e.g London), I was charged £2.50 for delivery.



I love Freddie’s Flowers website.  It literally took me a few minutes to order the flower subscription.    The website itself is fantastically laid out and I love the spattering of humour across it too.   The “testimonials” always make me laugh particularly:

“I like to strip all the petals off my flowers and pretend I’m that girl from American Beauty.” – Timothy Spall

They have a great blog section which includes videos on how to arrange your flowers and you can easily look back to previous weeks flowers and forthcoming ones to get a feel for style and themes.  Unlike some other boxes, you don’t have the ability to choose a particular range or style.  I personally loved this as I’m no flower expert but enjoyed the surprise element of not knowing what would be delivered (even though I could have checked on the website!).

It’s also worth noting that the cancellation process is super simple and you can do this online.   One of my bug bears with any subscription is having to call the company and speak to someone who is paid to ‘retain’ you, when you have made a decision to leave. Freddie’s Flowers has this spot on.


Delivery and Packaging

Your box of Freddie’s Flowers will not be able to fit through your letterbox as they do not cut down the stems.   They come in a large cardboard box which is more than hardy enough to withstand the journey to you.   However this isn’t just any cardboard box, it’s beautifully designed with Freddie’s Flowers great branding style too.


Flower Subscription Box Packaging Freddie's Flowers


Where you live will both determine the day of delivery and also whether there is a delivery charge.  I received notification the day before my delivery with the ability to track the order. Then on the day itself, received a text with a time slot for delivery between 5pm and 6pm that evening. Perfect!.

Don’t worry if you aren’t at home, you can arrange for them to be left in a safe place.

Despite being delivered to your door, the flowers arrived fresh and in stunning packaging.   Wrapped in brown paper and securely tied to the box with twine, your flowers also arrive with two sachets of ‘Freddie’s Flowerful Food’.

Flower Subscription Box Packaging Freddie's Flowers
While I love flowers, I’m not someone who knows how to arrange a bouquet and I definitely could note tell you the name of flowers or what to mix with them. Put me in a florist and I’m someone who points and says, “I like those”!   So the addition of a detailed list of what each flower is, it’s name and how to arrange them was more than helpful and added to the whole experience. I was even able to find the vase that they recommended.

If you get stuck, then you can also head over to the website to find a weekly video too.


Flower Subscription Box Packaging Freddie's Flowers


The Flowers Themselves:

The flowers really do match what you see on the website. There were no lost heads or broken stems when delivered either.   The stems were stunning and if you are a fan of tall arrangements, these are perfect for you as I found myself cutting down the flowers significantly to fit into the vase I’d chosen to display.


Flower Subscription Box Packaging Freddie's Flowers


Flower Subscription Box Packaging Freddie's Flowers


Both boxes that I’ve received contained foliage but this did not distract from the volume and quality of the other flowers in each box.   While the instructions indicated they’d last a week, they lasted around 3 weeks and I was able to use the flower food provided to retrim and feed the flowers.   My second box also offered tips on how to use those flowers in the box which were likely to last longer than some of hte others and how to display them.


Do I Plan to Keep My Flower Subscription?

From start to finish, I loved the whole experience of ordering and receiving my box of Freddie’s Flowers.  When you take into account the large amount of stems, the freshness and quality of the flowers and the thought that has been put into the packaging, £20 per box is great value.

However, at £20 per week, this would both soon add up each month and given how long the flowers last, it does feel too frequent.     As you can view up to two months of deliveries ahead, if you can make a note to log in and select the weeks you wish to cancel, this could be a great flower subscription box for you.   If our earlier blog on gifts for a beach hut fan left you still looking for present ideas, you may also wish to have one weeks box sent to a friend or family members.  It would make a lovely thank you gift or birthday present.

For me, this is how I plan to use Freddie’s Flowers.  After my first delivery, I cancelled the next few months weekly delivery slots and chose to keep one scheduled in, which was delivered last week.  One per month as a little treat for me and/or to be sent to someone else is perfect and given the usability of the website and quality of flowers, I’m loathed to go elsewhere!

If you’d like to receive a free first box then feel free to use my link to try out yourself:



Do you receive any subscription boxes or have you gifted one?  Are you tempted to try any out?



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9 Responses

  1. Claire Brotherton
    | Reply

    I love the branding and labelling of the flowers – informative yet playful.

    I agree though that £20 per week seems too much (unless you’re Elton John!). They would make a lovely monthly or quarterly treat.

    • Vicky_Millies_Beach_Huts
      | Reply

      Thanks Claire and completely agree – weekly just seems too much (well unless you have flowers in every room!). Def a great monthly or bi-monthly treat for me! They are such good quality ;0) Vicky x

  2. Emma Mahony
    | Reply

    What a lovely idea as a gift or a treat – I tend to buy the same flowers each week so like the idea. Thanks for sharing xx

    • Vicky_Millies_Beach_Huts
      | Reply

      More than welcome Emma. I love it when people say they buy flowers weekly. It’s all about what treat works for us individually (some have takeaways, some have their nails done or even both!) and these are fab ;0).
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read. xx

  3. Anji Miller
    | Reply

    Thanks for the review. I recently tried Freddie’s flowers and was so disappointed. I was surprised by the size of the box (huge) just left in the open of my front garden. However, I was even more surprised to see the thin group of flailing buds inside. Considering the box was in pristine condition, I can only assume this is what is provided using this service. The sparse group of drooping stems looked ridiculous in a medium sized vase and over half were brown in days with only three attempting to bloom, due to their condition on arrival. On cancelling my subscription and explaining the state of the flowers, I returned from an overseas work trip to find literally dozens of missed calls and an offensive letter accusing me of creating difficulties for the “small trader”. No mention of addressing the awful first delivery, the letter even said “I hope you enjoyed your delivery”. Verdict: Great idea but a total waste of £22 from this provider. I’m sure others do better.

    • Vicky_Millies_Beach_Huts
      | Reply

      Hi Anji – that sounds more than frustrating! So sad that you received this service and also the quality issues too. I’ve now had 5 deliveries from them and all have been fantastic.
      If you have read more of my reviews, you ‘ll know that I’m always honest with feedback, particularly where they let a customer down. I hope that Freddie’s Flowers take notice of your experience and this was an exception!
      Vicky x

  4. Cross of Cranbrook
    | Reply

    I just want to tell people that however great Freddie’s Flowers might be their delivery service is rubbish! I found a box of flowers , addressed to a completely different place, in my back garden just now, obviously thrown over the side gate.
    The date on the box was 10th, two days ago, and the flowers are looking pretty wilted!

    • Vicky_Millies_Beach_Huts
      | Reply

      That is a shame, though I’m not surprised they look wilted after two days and would be unfair to judge the quality of flowers on that basis. It def comes down to courier as I’ve had them delivered to two different addresses with no issues at all – perhaps worth contacting them directly as we don’t work directly with them?

  5. Vicky_Millies_Beach_Huts
    | Reply

    That is a shame, though I’m not surprised they look wilted after two days and would be unfair to judge the quality of flowers on that basis. It def comes down to courier as I’ve had them delivered to two different addresses with no issues at all – perhaps worth contacting them directly as we don’t work directly with them?

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