Beach Hut Insurance: A Review of Towergate Beach Hut Insurance

Beach Hut Insurance Review of Towergate

Yes, you are right. Millie, one of my beach huts for hire is currently shortlisted as a finalist in the 2016 Beach Hut of the Year competition run by Towergate Insurance.     And yes, they’ve yet to hold the panel to decide who is in Top 5 and then overall winner for 2016.  And Yes, you did read that title correctly – I’m actually doing a review of the Towergate Beach Hut Insurance offering whilst the competition is still open!  Risky – jsut a little perhaps!?!?!?

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ll have seen me review all three other competitors in the nice market place of beach hut insurance. Excluding Towergate Insurance from my review list wouldn’t be right and I did recently call them for a renewal quote along with Ryan’sInsure Homes Limited and Love Your Hut.  So here I am, taking a big deep breath and being brave publishing whilst the competition is ongoing! Eeeeek!

It really was a painful process calling around these four providers all and comparing policy details and prices.   It’s only therefore right I try to make that a little easier for you by sharing my pain.   Hopefully armed with information, you’ll be able to make a decision to ensure your own beach hut is protected with the right beach hut insurance provider.

Beach Hut Insurance Review of Towergate Beach Hut Insurance


Towergate Beach Hut Insurance

Towergate Insurance is one of the beach hut insurance companies that offers coverage to beach huts throughout the UK.



  • Towergate Insurance certainly feels as if it’s the largest company to offer beach hut insurance with 4,400 staff. They operate from across more than 100 offices.  
  • They offer over 200 specialist insurance products including beach hut insurance.
  • The policy as standard covers for almost every cause of physical loss – lightning strikes, sea damage, vandalism, wind damage, earthquake and even asteroid damage!
  • Cover is also included for your liability as a hut owner along with loss of rent, licence fee or ground rent.
  • Accidental damage is included to cover mishaps though this does not apply to tenants who may hire out your beach hut.



  • The longest of all my telephone calls for a quote from any insurance provider. This was due to the call handler taking great care in explaining all aspects of the policy and checking my understanding. Whilst I found this frustrating, having insured a number of beach huts, if you are a new beach hut owner, this would have been extremely valuable.
  • Whilst no discounts available for Beach Hut Association members, £50 excess is waived for members.
  • Public Liability cover included as standard up to maximum of £5 million (important to those who hire out their huts and most councils insist regardless of hire status)
  • The initial contents cover when obtaining a quote will be for 20% of buildings cost.
  • Ability to pay by debit or credit card.  I wan’t informed of any other options to pay though they may be available.
  • Whilst initially more expensive than other quotes at £244.02. When I shared other quotes with them, they did beat those prices at £205.00 (for my beach hut Millie)
  • No further paperwork post purchasing.
  • Team are available on a Saturday morning and into the evening (up to 8pm Mon-Thurs).



  • Your call is initially answered by a central team who state that only a few of the team are trained in Beach Hut Insurance.  Can result in phone tag (see below).
  • You can provide your details online and request a call back.  I did find that on several occasions I called back only to find the team is occupied on other calls.  You can end up playing phone tag if you miss the return call.
  • Unable to obtain a quote online and didn’t receive a copy of any documents or quote itself post the call.
  • Policy documents are listed as being online with three PDF documents showing when you click to “unhide” them.  However, the links are out of date and you are merely redirected back to the homepage. Frustrating.


To speak with a rep from Towergate Insurance, call 0344 346 0570.  Office Hours are Mon-Thurs 9am to 8pm, Fri – 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.


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*All information was correct at the time of writing the article. Please check the company’s website for current up-to-date policy details. To visit Towergate Insurance website, go to:

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