Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I Created Mickey and Minnie

Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts

Having now styled and 5 beach huts, I have to say the most recent additions to our Beach Hut Hire family have been my favourite.   Yep, they have all the normal Millie’ Beach Hut essentials but when pulling together the mood board and beach hut decor ideas for Mickey and Minnie.  Well, it was just that bit more fun.

There is something about Disney isn’t there? Whether you love or hate Disney, I think most people can appreciate the joy they bring to the youngsters in our lives (and some of us older ones too).

As with most of our beach huts, I’ve already been answering questions re where you can buy certain items or the colours we chose for the beach hut itself and furniture.  So here it is.  A comprehensive guide to how I created our latest beach hut hire family members: Mickey and Minnie.


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Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I Created Mickey and Minnie Beach Hut Hire Walton on the Naze Essex


Creating Mickey and Minnie:  Beach Hut Decor Ideas


#1  Choosing a Theme

When John, who owns Mickey and Minnie, asked my advice about two beach huts that were for sale in Eastcliff, Walton-on-the-Naze, I wasn’t overly optimistic.   Despite the fact that our original beach huts were on the fourth row, I frequently take requests for front row beach huts only and Eastcliff would be a relatively unknown part of the beach to our customer base.

But as expected, John ignored my concerns having seen the beach huts for himself and I found myself telling him that we’d need to think about the decor and style carefully to help entice people to Eastcliff. Once they were there and saw the beach and experienced the area, I knew they’d love it.  It may be a little slower to sell out in comparison to our other ‘known’ locations but that we could make it work.

So what could we do?   What would be in keeping with the Millie’s Beach Huts brand but also be different enough for the beach huts to sell the location?

As luck would have it, I had a long journey south to finish packing up my house during a relocation and found myself listening to a book called Oversubscribed: How to Get People Lining Up to Do Business with You. I took a lot of ideas away from that book but it was like a lightbulb went off and I started to think through how Cath Kidson had been working with Disney and how just a few weeks before they’d sold out their Winnie the Pooh collection in minutes.

Could we? Could we create Mickey and Minnie styles in a beach hut without looking ‘tacky’?  Cath Kidston had a collection planned so I knew we could have our favourite crockery in the beach hut.

It seemed like fate.

A week or so later, as with all of our Beach Hut Styling clients, I pulled together a Pinterest Board and popped it over John along with a mood board (below).


Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts

My Original Mickey and Minnie Mood Board


I have to say that while John admits now that he wasn’t sure when I first came up with the idea, he did give me free reign with the design and contents of both beach huts.   I found that he often said “just do what you need to do, you know what your doing”, which I guess in hindsight was “I think you’re mad, but let’s see what happens”. LOL.



#2  Choosing Exterior Beach Hut Paint Colours

From the mood board, there was only ever two colours that were in the running for each of the beach huts exterior colours.

I’ve been super impressed by Sadolin SuperDec which we’ve used on all our beach huts.   Cara from Gillies & MacKay explains why paint is so important in this great video ( on her new YouTube channel.   When Cara, says Sadolin is the best, I don’t argue – she knows her stuff and the last year has shown the difference in quality compared to our previous use of Cuprinol.

Cara also came in very handy with these two colour choices. If you’ve painted a beach hut before, you’ll know the colours on the chart do not look like the paint when it’s on the beach hut.  Luckily I knew Cara had used a couple of colours in her show are – Limestone and Red Pepper which made it a little easier to see the end result.

You can order sample pots online via the Decorating Warehouse at £3.95 per pot (perfect for using in the garden afterwards) or pick them up from your nearest stockist.  It is worth calling in advance if travelling far as they may need to order them in –  I always find Brewers in Frinton-on-Sea particularly helpful.


Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts

The Before Picture. Photo Credit: Ten Hut Ltd.



Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mickey and Minnie Exterior Paint


Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts


#3  Day Bed and Furniture

The Day Bed – Groupon

One of the learnings from our other beach huts is seating! Make it is as big and as comfortable as you can and with enough space for the younger members of the family to crash out.  As such these day beds have become a standard addition in all our beach huts.

You can sometimes find deals on Groupon or have a search around on eBay.  With mattress (remember to get as firm as possible), they will cost around £170 like this one.

For the oilcloth cover, we found it quite hard this time round to find continuous metres of fabric to cut down so instead searched for tablecloth rectangle sizes that would fit.  As Cath Kidson seem to have discounted many of their lines, I went on the hunt for something similar in style to our favourite Cath Kidson or Clarke and Clarke.  This one I found on eBay and was £34.50 for the correct size (124cm x 240cm).  You can find it here (blue floral)


Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts



Butchers Trolley, Table and Chairs – Ikea

When it comes to the rest of our furniture, we now have a firmly standard list hat we adapt depending on the space available in the beach hut. Sometimes window and door sizes mean we need to flex but with Minnie and Mickey we were lucky and found we could fit in a table and two chairs along with a kitchen trolley.

While I try to shop for second-hand furniture for the beach huts, I was keen to establish an element of consistency between both Mickey and Minnie and our time was limited to launch in time for Easter.

The thing I love about these from Ikea is that you can paint them pre-assembling in varying colours and clearly the wood is in such good condition being new that the paint finish turns out much better than second-hand furniture.   And of course, they were good value and will be able to endure the high usage within a beach hut hire.

Kitchen Trolley (£35) –

Dining Chairs (£15 each) –  

Table (£39) –


Beach Hut contents checklist v2 (1)


Dresser – Purchased Second Hand

I have to give credit to John who shopped high and low for the dressers in both Mickey and Minnie.   He was all over gumtree, facebook and car boot sales to track them down.

I personally find kitchen dressers add a bit more character to our huts compared to standard kitchen units and between the space under the day beds, they give us enough storage. Oh, and they allow us to show off our Cath Kidston crockery too!

If you are hunting second hand be prepared to work hard to find these – they are in high demand or you may consider buying from a furniture painter who has already re-painted.

As I’d planned bright colours for the beach huts, both dressers were bought as seen and along with the Ikea furniture above, were painted with Valspar Satin Paint from B&Q (can be used on wood or metal and approx £23 per tin).

The colours we used were:

  • Scarlet Tanger
  • Retro Chic
  • Seaside Nautical
  • Rose Crystal

One small word of caution. Given the depth of red we’d chosen, I did also have to purchase a grey-based primer to ensure we ended up with the right colour.  I have to admit right up to the 5th coat of paint on the dresser, I was beginning to doubt my choice of colour. Persevere with lots of thin coats and build it up and you’ll get there but do be prepared to spend a lot of time when using these sort of colours.  Definitely not a quick paint job!


Our Valspar Paint Colour Choices



Directors Chairs – Tesco

With very limited garden furniture currently available (due to seasonality), the best value director chairs I could find are from Tesco.  They have a deal where you can buy 2 for £50 whereas some director chairs can be up to £50 each.   Luckily they came with blue covers which fitted the theme (find them here).


Folding Chairs  –  Ikea

To ensure enough seating for guests, we also added two folding chairs from Ikea to the beach hut.   These chairs are £11 each (find them here) and can be easily updated with a can of spray paint too.


#4  Furnishings –  Cushions and Throws

With large day bed, it was important to try and find enough cushions and a large throw for those slightly colder days or post a swim!   This time B&Q and Matalan came to the rescue.

The large blue and white cushions are from Matalan’s outdoor cushion range so can be wiped down and used as a floor cushions too.   The large cushion was £12.00 and smaller white one £8.00. The full collection can be found online here too.

Given the spring collections were now making their way into shops, I was really struggling to track down some red cushions to fit with the theme but B&Q came to the rescue with their red cushions and ‘happiness’ quote cushion and throw.

The large day bed throw was from Dunelm.




#5  China, Crockery and Children’s Tableware

As with our other beach huts for hire, we try to add some luxury in the form of crockery and children’s melamine.  Mickey and Minnie are no different and I was so pleased to find the Provence Cath Kidston crockery set on sale.  It’s no longer in stock I’m afraid that if you are buying Cath Kidston crockery then I’d recommend keeping an eye out for their boxed sets, sales or pop to an outlet shop.  Note that the online sales tend to reduce prices two or three times before going into an outlet.

But what about those Mickey and Minnie mugs? Well as you can imagine I’m on the Cath Kidston VIP list and during the pre-sale of this collection, I snapped eight mugs up. I was so so lucky to get them as they sold very quick both during the pre-sale and public sale.  You might be surprised to find there are some items still left online from the collection (including the mickey book bag we have hanging up in both beach huts).

You’ll spot we have mixed and matched the Cath Kidston with some smaller china items from Dunelm in order to balance the cost of kitting out the beach hut. But also because I just love two of their current collections – Candy Rose and Beautiful Birds.

The Emma Bridgwater tea caddies and melamine were sourced from a mixture of amazing and eBay to obtain the best price:

Emma Bridgewater tea caddy set –

Emma Bridgewater melamine plates –


Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts



#7  Those Special Finishing Touches

t’s always about the small finishing items in our beach huts for hire but with such a distinctive theme, John’s car boot skills came in very hand for several items (including that vintage Mickey sign)!

Other additions included:

  • Jelly Bags via Sun Jellies.  Great for storing books and colouring in – we always have Sun Jellies bags in our huts! I’m in love with these bags.
  • Dog Biscuit Jar – Amazon. As with all our beach huts, you’ll find dog treats and a water bowl.  The dog water bowl is a double version if you do need to bring food to!
  • Pink whistling kettle – via Amazon.   Large gas stove kettles are hard to find in bright colours and thus opted for this 2.5ltr version.
  • ‘M’ shaped light – purchased from Matalan in Colchester
  • LED lights with ‘Welcome to Mickey/Minnie’ – purchased from B&M (£7.99) instore
  • Round Mirror – purchased from B&M (£4.99) instore
  • Guest Book – we’re huge Ginger Ray fans and love this new pink and gold foil option.
  • Beach Toy ‘Ship-Shape’ Bag and Toys – all sourced from B&M instore



Mickey Mouse Beach Hut Hire EAstcliff Walton on the Naze Essesx




But wait, there is more to come!

While we had originally set out on opening both huts by Easter, I felt it was possible to get them ready for the start of the school holidays so that you could enjoy them!  It does mean that you are likely to see a couple of small additions to each beach hut in terms of decor.

Keep an eye out for them and we’ll update as soon as they arrive!


You can book Mickey and/or Minnie directly HERE


Beach Hut Decor Ideas: Mood Board for Mickey and Minnie Beach Huts


Looking for more Beach Hut Decor Ideas?

If I’ve missed out an item that you love in Mickey or Minnie, then do just drop me a comment.  I’ll be more than happy to respond with details of where you can purchase.

If you are still looking for ideas for your beach hut decor, you may also want to have a look at our previous blog posts re Beach Hut Interior:  How to Design and Decorate your Beach Hut and how I created my other beach huts Isla and Millie and Harley.  You’ll also find more inspiration on our Pinterest boards.  Enjoy!!

But if you are ready just to get on with styling your hut but not sure where to start in terms of contents then why not download a full contents checklist below to make life that little bit easier. Though if like John, this isn’t your idea fun and would like someone else to take care of researching, choosing and creating your own personalised contents list, then do check out my Beach Hut Styling Advice and Hire Management services.


Beach Hut contents checklist v2 (1)


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