Best 5 Beaches in the UK

Best 5 Beaches in the UK

I’m a sucker for a day trip or holiday centered around the beach and find that over the years my favourites have quickly turned into a well-rehearsed list of the best 5 beaches in the UK. It’s no surprise that Britain’s beaches are starting to getting busier as we all countdown to those precious summers annual leave days and I … Read More

Dog Friendly Holiday in Brecon Beacons: Brecon Retreat (Reviewed)

Dog Friendly Holiday Brecon Breacons Brecon Retreat

There are occasions when I hear so many good things about somewhere that I have to visit! The Brecon Retreat has been one of those and last year I found myself spotting great review after great review across socials media. I’m always on the search for those hidden gems that truly are dog-friendly! And well, Millie was up for another adventure … Read More

Best Country Shows in Essex (2017): A Dog-Friendly Family Day Out

Best country show Dog-Friendly Family Day Out

As a dog owner, I’ve been introduced to the world of country shows as an option not only to enjoy a range of entertainment but some fantastic activities, food and drink!! I’ve become hooked and every year, I sit down in May and plan out which shows I could attend.  I pay particular attention to which traders and activities were … Read More

Dog Walks in Aviemore: Craigellachie Nature Reserve

Dog Walks in Aviemore Craigellachie Nature Reserve

One of the fantastic things about staying at the MacDonald Aviemore Resort is that you’ll find the Craigellachie Nature Reserve on your doorstep.  With four different signposted routes, you’ll find stunning views of the Cairngorms across Aviemore and several lochans.   A perfect location for one of the best dog walks in Aviemore and you may even want to pack … Read More

Dog Walk in Aviemore: Loch an Eilein

If you are looking for a dog walk in Aviemore, then at the top of the list needs to be Loch an Eilein, Rothiemurcus.   Stunning views across a sheet of water as you walk around the circular route, the gorgeous smell of the pines and purple heather and a ruined castle.  What more can you ask for from a dog … Read More

Dog-Friendly Holiday: A Review of Cary Arms Beach Hut Accommodation

Dog Friendly Holiday at Carys Arms

If you are a beach hut lover then you won’t have been able to escape spotting the 6 amazing beach huts that have been built at Carys Arms in Devon.  Widely featured in the press including this article in The Telegraph, I’ve personally been in snooping on their progress regularly.   I was even more excited when I found out … Read More

Homemade Dog Treats: Liver Cake Recipe for Dogs

Yeuch, liver, and cake?  Why on earth would anyone want a liver cake recipe? Well if you aren’t a fan of liver or the smell of liver cooking, this may be the last thing you want to cook. However, don’t be too quick to stop reading there. These are ‘high’ value reward treats and I promise you, it makes a huge difference … Read More

7 Reasons to Get A Dog

7 reasons to get a dog

Whether you are trying to persuade your other half or parents to let you get a dog, I’ve 7 great reasons to get a dog which will help you.  Leave the web page open on this page, print a copy out and put on your best sad eyes.  You just never know, they may say yes! A couple of weeks … Read More

Dog Toys: Best Dog Toys for a Puppy

Best Dog Toys for Your New Puppy

When I brought Millie home for the first time, I didn’t have a lot of dog owner friends.   They seemed to come out of the woodwork after she arrived and so those early days were hard.  I just didn’t have a huge amount of people around me to ask if I was doing the right thing and that first … Read More

Millie: How A Dog Can Change Your Life


They say having a dog can change your life and when the picture above popped up on my Facebook memories feed this morning, I couldn’t help reflect on how naturally pet owners bonded over my two days attending the 2016 Content Marketing Academy Conference this week.     Whilst I’ve come away with lots of ideas and made a very large … Read More