10 Facts about English Springer Spaniels and why I love them


On 16th March 2014, I picked up a 8 week old English Springer Spaniel and my life changed.    This amazing four-legged ball of fur was soon named Millie and it was very easy to fall in love with her .  Whilst I’d grown up in a family who always had both cats and dogs, at just 8 weeks old, … Read More

What is Canicross? 5 reasons to start running with your dog


Thinking about trying Canicross (running with your dog)?  Since Millie came into my life around 2 years ago, I’ve found myself searching for dog-friendly days out, dog-friendly café’s, pubs and even holidays!   If you are anything like me, despite the fact that Millie is very well looked after and has great fun at Doggy Daycare midweek, I get that guilty … Read More