Making a Booking and How Much Does it Cost?

Q1. How do I book?

All of our beach huts for hire can be booked directly online and have availability calendars to allow you to find your perfect dates.

Isla –

Millie –

Picnics and additional extra’s can also be booked online to make your day that little more special.


Q2. How much does it cost to hire a beach hut?

Our rates are based on seasons and midweek/weekend peak times.  Full details are available on our RATES page.

You may wish to read our blog covering how much does it cost and what influences the cost of hiring a beach hut – How much does it cost to hire a beach hut


Q3. How do I pay?

We can accept payments by debit card, credit card or paypal.  You do not need to have a paypal account to make payment.

Payments are required in full at the time of booking.  If cancelled one-week pre-booking, a £10 deposit will be retained to cover admin.


Rental Times

Q1.  What are your rental times?

We have recently conducted a survey with our guests and changed our rental times from 9am to 8pm during the summer season.   We evaluate this when the clocks change at the end of October but the times are likely to be 10am to 6pm during winter months.  To allow the huts to be checked for our next visitors, please do make every effort to depart in time.

Q2.  Can we stay in the huts overnight?

Unfortunately, our licence conditions prohibit the huts from use as overnight accommodation.  However, we are able to recommend somewhere locally for you to stay if you would like to book more than one consecutive day.



Q1.  Are your huts on the beach/front row?

Walton-on-the-Naze has a seawall, therefore all beach huts are situated on a promenade instead of on the beach.  You can find the details of each huts location HERE.  Isla is on the front row (though up a few steps) and our new hut Millie is on the second row (she is raised higher so that her decking is the same height as the front row, offering unrestricted views directly onto the beach).

Q2. Are your new huts on the same site as Millie and Harley from 2015 hires? 

The private site where our original huts, Millie and Harley, were located is no longer allowing any owner to hire out their huts from the 1st Jan 2016.  We were saddened by this decision as they were much-loved beach huts and we have many wonderful memories from spending time in both of them.  The new Millie Beach Hut is next to the private development and Isla is approximately a 4-5 minute walk from Millie south towards Frinton in the middle of the promenade.

Q3. Do I need a car to get to you and where is the closest train station?

A train station with a frequent service is less than 100m away and everything you need is already in the beach huts.  You do not need a car to hire a beach hut from us in Walton-on-the-Naze.  

Q4. How far are you from London?

Averaging just 90 minutes from London Liverpool Street, you can relax and take in the scenery before arriving for your days beach hut hire.



Q1. Can I order food to be delivered to the huts?

Due to the unreliability of the previous caterer – we are so sorry but we currently unable to provide catering.   We’d love to start providing this server and thus if you are aware of a local provider then we’d love to hear from them

Many supermarkets now offer picnics and platters which can be collected in advance – do make sure you order early!


Car Parking and Permits

Q1. Is there parking?

Unfortunately, there is no specific car park for our beach huts though you can park on the streets around Walton.  Please do think about arriving early during school holidays and given yourself time to find a car park and unpack your belongings to take them to the beach hut.

Church Road has a pay and display car park just a few minutes’ walk. Details can be found here.


Everything but the Kitchen Sink…

Everything in each hut is yours to use – we have crockery, melamine for the little ones, a teapot, jug and china teacups through to children’s books and blankets! You’ll have a gas stove (and gas) along with a kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, a frying pan and a small pot …

so just remember to bring your milk, tea-towels and feel free to bring a few tins of soup or even hot dogs for the younger ones in the family (or four legged ones).



Q1.  How accessible are the huts?

The beach huts themselves are not as accessible as we would like.

We are happy to advise and our gallery may help you decide if this is too restrictive.

Q2. Can you access with a wheelchair?

I’m afraid that our beach huts are not as accessible as we would like and would not suggest for wheelchair users.


Four Legged Friends

Q1. Can I bring my dog?

Of course …..Well behaved dogs are more than welcome though please do ask in advance if you’d like to bring more than one small-medium sized dog (we’ll do our best to accommodate but it will depend on the season and number of huts booked!).

You’ll find a water bowl, mat, treats and some spare poo bags hanging in an RNLI bag in each hut. Please feel free to use and help yourself to some dog treats!!

Outside you’ll also find a tie-up cable which is secured to each decking area.

Please do be considerate of your neighbours who may not love dogs as much as we do. Yours dogs should never be left in the beach hut unattended.

Q2. Are Dogs allowed on the beach?

One of the main reasons we love Walton is that dogs are allowed on the beach in front of the hut all year round. Please do pay attention to the dog signage as there are other parts of the beach to the left of the pier where restrictions are in place (and remember those poo bags!).


Electricity, Gas, Water and BBQs

Q1.  Do you have electricity or gas?

Neither of the huts have electricity but are fully equipped with a gas stove and gas. Spare gas can be found in the dresser of each hut. Instructions for the stove can also be found within the information folder in each hut. Please do remember not to leave the stove on unattended and to fully disconnect the gas upon departure. (Note that the kettle may take some time to boil if you fill it up – perhaps just fill for the number of cups that you need if you are in a hurry).

Q2. Can we bring a BBQ?

I’m afraid that due to the proximity of huts and wooden decking we do not allow BBQs or fires near or around the beach huts.

Q3. Is there running water?

In each huts dresser you will find a water container which can be filled up and provide you with water during your stay. The tap can be found at the end of our row on your right hand side (there is a tap on each row).

Note that the water may be turned off during winter months – we will advise as soon as we are notified of this.



Q1.  Are there toilet facilities?

You can find baby changing facilities and toilets just a few metres from the hut – turn left towards the pier and you’ll find a building opposite which is open all year round.  Remember to check opening times.

Note that there are also toilets in the bowling alley towards the back of the pier.


Beach Toys and Games

Please do enjoy the games and beach toys that we provide in the hut – they are for you to use and we expect them to be enjoyed ;0) It’s inevitable that, over time, we will experience some wear and tear and occasional breakages. Please just leave the item out with a note so that we can replace and/or fix it for our next visitors.

Q1.  Are there buckets and spades?

Of course… we provide a few buckets and spades along with sand wagons and trucks.  If you have more than 1-2 children with you and plan to build a lot of sandcastles, you may wish to bring your own (and we’d love to see a pic of your sandcastle!).

Q2.  What if it rains?

Well whilst we can’t control the weather, the beach huts are full of children’s books and games suitable to keep everyone occupied and still enjoy the day. If you don’t fancy scrabble, why not challenge each other to pirate snakes and ladders or a game of pirate snap.  Plain cards, dominoes and even a pop up pirate tent can be found in each hut.  Don’t forget to check out our very special Ace Illustrations colouring-in mat; we normally run a competition for the best beach hut design and would love to see a picture of it!


The Pier

The second longest in England with fairground rides, ten pin bowling, arcades and fish and chips from the wonderful Seaspray diner.   Take a walk around and if the British weather turns it gives you a perfect chance to explore. Opening times and dates can be found within the information pack in each hut and on the pier’s website.


Tide Times

Q1.  Why are tide times important?

A gentle reminder that at high tide, the sea does come up to the wall and whilst there may be some very small parts of the beaches you can access, high tide tends to mean the beach is inaccessible. You can check tide times in advance to time your activities or why not use this time to enjoy a cup of tea from our large decking area and order an afternoon tea or picnic to be delivered?



Whilst the huts are checked following each rental, please do leave the hut as you found it and vacate by the time indicated on your booking. We have spent a lot of time ensuring the huts are up to the standard you’d expect and we’d like all of our guests to enjoy them in this same condition. Most importantly please ensure that the beach hut keys are returned to the key safe.


I have other questions….

Feel free to drop us a message or email and we’ll return asap.

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