Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I created Harley

Beach Hut Decor Harley Beach Hut Hire Walton

Harley is the latest addition to the Millie’s Beach Hut family who opened on the 30th July 2016.  Having shared videos and pictures of him for the very first time this weekend, I’ve been a tad overwhelmed by the fantastic response to the choice of décor and style.   Despite being shortlisted for Towergate’s Beach Hut of the Year two years … Read More

Beach Hut Interior: How to design your Beach Hut


Beach Hut Interior and choice of decor – ever looked at a beach huts interior and loved it?  Or have you looked at one and wondered why on earth the owner would decorate it that way?  Marmite comes to mind, when I think about the wide range of styles that owners choose for their beach huts. If you’ve recently bought … Read More