Beach Hut Decor: The Best of the January sales (2018)

Beach Hut Decor: Best of the 2018 January Sales

If you are anything like me, you’ll have been bombarded with emails about Black Friday, great gift ideas and now January sales!  While I’ve been unsubscribing to a lot of emails recently, there are still a number of fab companies who run great sales and offer items perfect for your beach hut decor (or dare I say beach hut/coastal theme home!) … Read More

Damage to Your Beach Hut Hire? Charging for Breakages (Pros/Cons)

Damage to Your Beach Hut Hire? The Pros and Cons of Charging for Breakages

It’s never a great feeling when you spend money and time kitting out a beach hut for you to then find damage to your beach hut hire. But when your notified or discover those mishaps, after a guest has visited, there is just one question.  Do you insist on charging for breakages? If you are ‘unlucky’ enough to have a … Read More

Beach Hut Decor: How to Style Your Beach Hut for Winter Use

How to Style Your Beach Hut for Winter Use Beach Hut Decor

I know many beach hut owners who love the winter season.  The comfort and peace that you can get from bunkering down in a beach hut with little gas heaters and hot chocolate, after a brisk walk on the beach is priceless.  But when it comes to changing your beach hut decor, it can all feel like too much hard … Read More

6 Ways to Advertise Your Beach Hut Hire for Free

Best Ways to Advertise Beach Hut Hires for Free

“Where is the best place to advertise my beach hut hire?” is one of the first questions a new beach hut owner will ask.   However, if you are a beach hut owner with one beach hut, then you are probably thinking about minimising your costs too. So is there anywhere you can do this for free? Unlike the holiday home … Read More

Essential Items that every Beach Hut Hire should have

essential beach hut hire items

When I first started Millie’s Beach Huts, I took the time to ask potential guests what items they saw as the essential beach hut hire items. I found it hard as both a new beach hut owner and an owner new to hiring out to work out exactly what was expected and required.  Many beach hut hires don’t have websites … Read More

Beach Hut Hire Complaints: How to Handle Customer Complaints

how to handle customer complaints lady on hotline phone

It’s sad to say that you don’t often find a company that knows exactly how to handle customer complaints with great success. My blog earlier this week re the shambolic Women Ahead Awards process is a shining example of how NOT to deal with a complaint.  Unfortunately, in the days post the blog being published, this hasn’t improved with no … Read More

What’s in a Name? How To Choose A Beach Hut Name

How to choose a beach hut name?

Choosing a name for your beach hut will be one of the hardest decisions you make. It feels as if the choice of name, reflects you and your beach huts personality and so taking some time to choose a name is key.   When you are thinking about how to choose a beach hut name you may also have several family … Read More

2017: A Year of Video? Why I've Started a Vlog

why I started a vlog

I’m sure some of you are wondering why on earth I’ve decided to start a vlog. Yep, it’s a good question.  So, the below article sets out exactly why I’ve started a vlog. Or should I say “Why I’ve started a Vee-Log?”.  Yep I had to be different and as a Vicky, instead of a Vlog (video log), it’s become … Read More