Millie, Isla or Harley? How to choose which beach hut to hire

How to choose which beach hut to hire

Yay, you’ve found Millie’s Beach Huts and decided that you’d love to experience one of our beach huts in sunny Walton-on-the-Naze. By now, you probably know that there are three beach huts to choose from; Millie, Isla, and Harley.    Whilst each of them will offer you a fantastic day out, the most common requests I get for help, is supporting the decision how to choose which beach hut to hire.

I’ve pulled together below, in one place, a comparison of all three beach huts for hire including the pros and cons of each.  If you are looking for pricing then you can find that here.

So, let’s get into it and see if we can help you with how to choose which beach hut to hire.


How to choose which beach hut to hire

How do you choose?



How to Choose Which Beach Hut to Hire

First, let’s look at the comparison chart that outlines each beach huts key features.  Whilst some have chosen based on location or preference around privacy, others do choose based on name or even colour of the beach hut (who doesn’t like pink!!?!?).

Remember that all of our beach huts are stocked with carefully chosen products including Cath Kidston china and children’s melamine (Belle and Boo or Emma Bridgewater).   I also always include specific children’s books, toys, and games.  Perfect for that rainy day.   I haven’t listed these all in the below as these are standard features of our beach huts.  No matter which beach hut you choose, you can be guaranteed you’ll find our version of basics to make sure your experience is a Millie’s Beach Huts experience.


How to choose which beach hut to hire


Pro’s And Cons

Now onto the pros and cons of each beach hut for hire. I’ve tried not to be biassed and have based this on feedback from guests when visiting.





Millie – Advantages

  • For me, the biggest advantage of Millie is the privacy and view from the beach hut.  Yes, she is on the 2nd row but you can still oversee the beach if part of your party is playing on the beach.
  • Closest to the Pier, she’s just 200m or so away with toilet facilities.
  • Tap just one beach hut away for water.
  • Small private balcony with bar stools or directors chairs to let you enjoy the view.  Very quiet row with most beach huts rarely used.
  • The balcony is gated which means you can relax with toddlers and dogs knowing they are safe.  With a water-obsessed dog, this is great for me as it helps given them some time out!
  • The simple design of doors makes them easy to access and close up.

Millie – Disadvantages

  • There are five narrow steps up to the beach hut as she is elevated up, off the walkway.
  • As Millie is elevated, you may feel a bit more restricted on space due to the enclosed balcony.  This is the key reason, I’ve restricted numbers to 6 to ensure no matter what the weather is like, you will enjoy your day.


Beach Hut Hire Isla Essex

Isla (Photo Credit – A Cup Full of Glitter (Carly Canning))

Isla – Advantages

  • Internal bi-fold three quarter glass doors. No matter what the weather is, you can either fully open them and let the sunshine in or close up and keep warm whilst enjoying the view.
  • Right in the centre of the promenade, you have great access to all facilities.  Without being too far removed from the main pier, you have stunning views in both directions of the beach.
  • There are steps down to the beach, just to the right of the beach hut.  This does mean you can have part of your group on the beach or in the hut, without needing to close up each time you fancy building some sandcastles.
  • Close vicinity to the midpoint toilets which are available throughout peak season.
  • Water tap just one beach hut away.

Isla – Disadvantages

  • There is not a large amount of space outside Isla, though enough for a few of our chairs.  You can, however, move furniture/chairs to the promenade and utilise the space outside.
  •  I know many of our guests feel proud whilst using Isla.  This is due to the great comments they overhear from passers-by directly.  As Isla is directly on the front row, you will naturally find people having a ‘look’ into the beach hut.

Beach Hut Decor Harley Beach Hut Hire Walton



Harley – Advantages

  • Harley’s neighbours are huge beach hut fans. You’ll find them down at their beach hut with all the family making the most of the summer season.   They are very friendly and gives the hut a nice welcoming and family feel.
  • Close to ‘The Leas’ and Frinton on Sea corner, there are parts of the beach close by which are not restricted during high tide.
  • Open beach hut design, with interior partition removed and thus Harley feels larger with more space inside.   You can capitalise on a large day bed that takes up the width of the beach hut.  Have a snooze or just sit and admire the view in comfort.
  • Stable doors to access the beach hut and thus you can secure the bottom section, without losing the light and view from door and window hatch.   This is perfect if you want some time out inside with toddler or your pooch and not worry about them disappearing off onto the beach (Millie has this habit of just going off to the beach and finding random people to throw her ball regardless of what I am doing – obsessed!).
  • You won’t find any 3G or wifi signals around this beach hut.  Perfect opportunity to have a social media free day.

Harley – Disadvantages

  • Furthest away from the Pier, you’ll find it a short walk if you want to take some time out on the Pier itself and various amusements.
  • Along with our neighbours who regularly use their hut, there is another beach hut hire who has two beach huts close by.  This does mean it can be busy and thus if you are looking for peace and quiet, you may wish to avoid the school holiday in Harley.


Still not sure which Beach Hut to Choose?

As strange as it sounds, do just go with your gut feeling.  I really can say that no matter which beach hut you choose, you will not be disappointed.   Our beach hut guests come back time and time again with several bookings already in the diary a year ahead.  Many guests have used different beach huts on each visit.  Some others always stick with a favourite.   Neither approach is wrong and if in doubt, you could just try all three!

If you are still struggling to choose a beach hut, don’t be afraid to get in contact.   Just tell us a little bit about who you are bringing for the day, if it’s a special occasion and what type of day you’re expecting.  I or one of the MBH team will be happy to help!


Vicky (and Millie too) xx

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