Beach Hut Hire: How much does it cost to hire a beach hut?

How much does beach hut hire cost?

How much does a Beach Hut Hire cost? Whenever I’m looking at ideas for a day out, the total cost of the day  is always one of the first questions I have.  I really shouldn’t be surprised that one of the first questions that our guests have when they come across our beach huts for hire is “How much does … Read More

Why are beach huts expensive to buy?


Parents “How much did they cost?” Me “The basic build was £12.5k then you added on interior options.  It’s a new beach hut build and in great location right next to Walton Pier” Parents:  “Ok but if you can’t sleep in it, surely It has water and electricity, though, doesn’t it???” Me:   “Sigh…Errrr no, there is a tap and … Read More